5 Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying a Raincoat for The Monsoons

5 Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying a Raincoat for The Monsoons

We are halfway through the rainy season and the weather is still unpredictable. From a clear sky and sunny climate, the weather can change into dark clouds and heavy rain at any time of the day. Thus it is necessary to always carry a waterproof raincoat whenever you go outside your home. A proper raincoat can protect your entire body from getting wet. While browsing through the products of the manufacturers of the best raincoat for men, women, and kids, here are a few factors that you should look into.

Check Out These Five Factors That Can Make Your Raincoat More Convenient:

  • Water resistivity of the raincoat fabric: The quality of any raincoat is mainly determined by its fabric. The water-resistance property of the fabric dictates how waterproof the will raincoat be. Two types of fabrics are mainly used to make the best raincoat for men, women, and kids. These are water-repellent fabrics and waterproof fabrics. In the first category, water repellent fabrics have a layer of waterproof coating over them. This helps in protecting from moderate rainfall. But the layer can deteriorate with time with rough usage or when subjected to heavy rainfall. Thus this type of fabric is used mostly to make cheaper variants of waterproof raincoats. These can regularly be used for traveling around in urban areas. On the other hand, waterproof fabrics are mostly used to build ultra-light raincoats for intense outdoor activities like hiking, mountaineering, etc. These raincoats are costly, durable, and can last for a long time.
  • Waterproofing the seams and zips: There is a high chance of rainwater leaking into the raincoat from loose seams and zips. Thus the manufacturers of the best raincoat for men and women must use effective measures to prevent this. The seams are taped so that water cannot leak inside even when it tears or loosens up. On the other hand, providing flaps on zippers prevents them from coming in contact with water. These solutions will help to keep you dry in the rainfall.
  • Extra accessories: An umbrella manufacturing company offers many extra accessories to make its raincoats more functional. Here are some of them.
    i) Hoods: This is an important part of the raincoat as it protects the head of the user from rainfall. Apart from keeping the head dry, it also prevents rainwater from entering through the neck area of the raincoat.
    ii) Pockets: Having multiple pockets in a raincoat is always welcome. These are used to keep accessories dry and safe while traveling in the rain. Apart from the pockets present on the outside, some raincoats also provide inner pockets.
    iii) Vents: Having vents in a raincoat is crucial especially when you plan to move around or do physical work wearing a raincoat. These are present mostly in the underarm section. A vent helps the stuffy air inside the raincoat to come out and fresh air to go in and cool down the sweat.
    iv) Raincoat bag: Most raincoats come in bags that are used to keep them after use. This prevents the wet raincoat from coming in contact with anything after they are taken off.
  • Size and length of the raincoat: It is crucial to get an appropriately sized raincoat that can fit the buyer. The raincoat should not be either too loose or too tight. A tight raincoat restricts the movement of limbs and body. Moreover, since the raincoat is always stuck to the skin, it prevents the sweat from evaporating and makes the inside of the raincoat very stuffy, moist, and uncomfortable.  Similarly, a large raincoat is also inconvenient to wear. The arms, legs, and waist will be too large and will make you look baggy. Thus while buying from the best umbrella manufacturing company, ensure that you buy a perfectly sized raincoat.
  • Price point: You should buy a raincoat that suits your needs but also fits your budget. If you travel less, a cheaper raincoat made from water-repellent fabric is appropriate for you. On the other hand, if you are an outdoor person who travels to rugged areas a lot, you can get an expensive, waterproof and breathable raincoat.

These are some of the factors that must be checked while buying a raincoat. You should explore all the options before choosing a suitable raincoat for yourself.


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