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5 Features That Make Raincoats Convenient During The Rainy Season

A good quality raincoat protects your body from heavy rain, strong winds, dusty weather, and high humid atmosphere. The raincoat manufacturers in India provide products of every size and color to their customers. Thus, you can choose to buy a raincoat which suits your tastes, is within your budget as well as meets your requirements. While searching for a raincoat, there are some features that you should look out for. The presence of these makes the raincoat more convenient to use in the rainy season. Let us learn about them in detail.

Check Out These Features When you Purchase a Raincoat:

  • Proper ventilation: When you work or move around wearing a raincoat, the air inside can become humid and stuffy. This increases the body temperature and makes you sweat even more. Doing anything in this situation will become uncomfortable for you. Thus the raincoat manufacturers in India provide vents in their raincoat products. These are generally present under the armpits and inside the pockets. You can open the zip covering it whenever you feel too hot and stuffy wearing the raincoat. The vents release the stale air inside the raincoat and allow fresh air from the outside to enter and cool down the body and sweat. Thus you should check if your raincoat provides vents for proper ventilation.
  • Weather resistance and durability: Since you are investing in a good quality raincoat provided by the leading raincoat manufacturers in India, you should check its durability and weather resistivity first. This will give you an idea of how long can it be used. Most of the cost-effective raincoats are made from water-resistant fabric that has a waterproofing layer on it and can regularly be used as protection against rain. Still, if you need special products for outdoor activities like ladies raincoat for scooty riding or professional hiking rain jackets, you can get raincoats made from waterproof and breathable fabric. These are light, durable, and expensive and can easily handle any intense activity in the rain.
  • Lightness and packability: The weight of the raincoat is a crucial aspect that you should always check before purchasing. Since doing anything in the rain is a strenuous task, having to carry the extra weight of the raincoat can become a burden for your body. Thus always choose raincoats that are lightweight especially if you get special ones like ladies raincoats for scooty riding. Apart from the weight, the packability of the raincoat also matters a lot. After you use a raincoat, it becomes wet and slightly heavy due to the rainwater on it. Thus if you can pack up the raincoat quickly, it will help you to store and carry it around easily. Most raincoats also come with a storage bag that is used to keep the wet raincoat after usage.
  • The color and design of the raincoat: Since you are investing a considerable amount of money to get a raincoat, you should choose one that has good color and design. You can find raincoats of varieties of raincoat designs. Transparent raincoats, rain jackets, trench coats, ponchos, etc. Depending upon your tastes and requirements, you can select a suitable design for your raincoat. Many people think that the color of the raincoat does not matter. But that is not true. When you travel in rainy conditions, the lack of visibility makes it dangerous to travel on roads or remote areas. Thus if you wear a brightly colored raincoat, it allows others to spot you in the heavy rain. This is especially helpful when you are driving bikes in the rain or are stranded in a remote location.
  • Extra waterproofing measures: Even if you buy a raincoat made from waterproof fabric, there is a slight chance that rainwater may leak inside it. This happens either when rainwater enters the pockets or passes through seams that have become loose. Thus whenever you buy transparent raincoats or any other type, you should look for additional waterproofing measures that can protect these places. For example, seams can be taped to make them waterproof while flaps can be provided at the mouth of the pockets to prevent rainwater from getting in.

These are five features that make it more convenient to wear and use raincoats in the rainy season.


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