All About Promotional Umbrellas and Their Types!

Umbrellas have always been useful when the sun is shining brightly or when it is raining much, but little did we know that they will also dominate the promotional market as they are doing now. Besides, what’s more, interesting is that the umbrellas have truly become one of our favourite accessories.

Designs and colours have been essential whatever the thing maybe. This is much the same when it comes to the umbrellas. Yes, the advertisement umbrella suppliers are bringing in innovative umbrellas and fresh, new colours to delight people from 8-80 years old.


Each umbrella is now tailored to perform its unique set of uses. You can also go for the custom printed promotional umbrellas for more variations on design, print and quality of the umbrellas.

With all these variations, you need not worry about satisfying yourself and your customers.
Now, if you are wondering about the options, we will give you 4.

Delving in the Designs of the Promotional Umbrellas India

The craze of promotional umbrellas has been huge over the past decade. No doubt they have been proving to be much beneficial for the individuals and the companies but the designs are also playing a great role in pulling their demand up.

So, here are four of the primary styles of the promotional umbrellas for you:

Stick Umbrellas

The stick umbrellas have been the oldest and the most popular choice when it comes to umbrellas. They are known for the pole attached to the canopy which is curved at the end, making it serve as a wonderful walking stick.


These umbrellas are also known as doorman umbrellas because they prove to be excellent companions to the doormen of the luxurious hotels/premium corporations, to escort their guests from the cars to the entrance of the building.

Mini/Telescopic Umbrellas

Mini umbrellas, as their name suggests, are compact umbrellas, ideal for travellers, who don’t want their umbrellas to be bulky baggage. These umbrellas can be neatly packed in a gift bag. Therefore, they can also a commendable addition to a gift pack for the audiences/customers in events or seminars.

Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas have been popular from the game of “golf”. These umbrellas fall under the larger umbrellas and are strong enough to withstand the fiercest of the weathers.

These umbrellas also make for stronger brand awareness due to their prominence. However, if you are concerned about the cost, then you can go for the promotional umbrellas in bulk India. These will definitely to cut your worries short.

Clear Umbrellas

Transparent umbrellas have been the latest trend. The clear umbrellas not only look professional, but they can also be used as fashion accessories. This is one of the distinctive traits of these kinds of umbrellas. Besides, you can also utilize the clear umbrellas as a prop in dance, photography and cinematography.

All of these umbrellas are unique. Moreover, what’s more important is that you can get them all in attractive prices and also use them for promotional purposes, with the best suppliers of promotional umbrella. Also, look out for our best-selling Promotional Folding Outdoor Umbrella.



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