All you want to Know of Rain Jackets

All you want to Know of Rain Jackets!

The primary instinct of all of us is to stay dry when it is raining. Umbrellas have been wonderfully serving this purpose since times immemorial. With almost around 4000 years of history, umbrellas are certainly our best choice when it comes to raingear. Moreover, with the best umbrella manufacturers in India, you don’t even need to hunt for premium quality umbrellas within your limited budget. Furthermore, with the peerless Umbrella manufacturing company, you can also choose fittingly Promotional umbrellas for your business.

Raincoats and Rain Jackets as Popular Alternatives

With the advent of the raincoats and rain jackets, tackling the rainfall isn’t much of deal nowadays. These pieces of clothing for the monsoons are suiting us well along with our good old umbrellas.

Raincoats and Rain Jackets: The Difference

There is not much difference between the raincoats and rain jackets except for the difference in the size of the two. To draw the fine line, raincoats are the top-part of rainwear that extends below the knees, whereas when it comes to rain jackets, they end at our waist.

A Brief Idea of Waterproof and Water-Resistant Fabrics

Waterproof fabrics ensure to admit no water seeping through them. These fabrics come in handy when you are preparing for heavy downpours coupled with strong winds. If you go for waterproof clothes, you can remain completely dry from the inside even when it is raining cats and dogs. Some of the commonly used waterproof membranes include Gore-Tex, eVent and Hyvent. Though Gore-Tex is quite an expensive fabric, you can get common alternatives providing you similar insulation from the rains. So, don’t worry and simply go for the Best raincoat manufacturers in India, offering you a wonderful collection of stylish raincoats Mens India and raincoat for ladies in India.

Water-resistant fabrics, on the other hand, are coated with a water-repellent coating that can withstand light to moderate rainfall. These types of fabrics are layered with materials like nylon and polyester and promise a convincing water-resistance, if not a 100% protection from the rains.


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