Check out different styles of raincoats and some tips to wear them

Check Out Different Styles of Raincoats and Some Tips to Wear Them

Raincoats have come a long way since their invention in 1824 by Charles Macintosh. From being bulky and cumbersome to wear, they are now fashionable, highly durable, and lightweight. In the past, raincoats were worn by soldiers, workers, or students who mostly had to go outside their homes to fulfill their responsibilities. But nowadays, they have become a part of every person’s wardrobe. Here are some of the best raincoat designs that you can get from the top raincoat manufacturers in Kolkata. Let us describe them in detail.

Raincoat Styles That You Can Add to Your Stylish Wardrobe Collection:

  • Raincoats suitable for outdoor activities: You can find special raincoats that are made to be worn for outdoor activities like hiking, mountaineering, etc. These raincoats are built with functionality and convenience in mind. The raincoat manufacturers in Kolkata produce these raincoats as they are popular among people who like to travel or camp outdoors. Apart from their functionality, the rugged look of these raincoats is also quite well-liked by many individuals. Using such raincoats can make one look like an athletic and wanderlust person.
  • Trench coats: As one of the earliest raincoat designs, trench coats have remained popular among the public after all these years. You can find a good quality trench coat by exploring the collection of the leading raincoat manufacturers in Kolkata. Trench coats are more effective at protecting from rain than regular raincoats. It is because they are quite long and reach up to the user’s knees. Trench coats are mostly used in cold countries where it snows and rains a lot. The inner thick lining inside the trench coat keeps the wearer warm inside while the waterproof layer prevents rainwater from getting in.
  • Modern raincoats: As raincoats have become widely popular, a new design has come up at the rain-gear stores that also sell the best quality umbrella in India. These raincoats are designed with a similar blazer-like design. These modern raincoats reach beyond the waist and have side pockets for storing accessories. These are widely known for their fashion aesthetics rather than their functionality. Although they protect effectively against rainfall, modern raincoats can be easily worn over any garb or dress. Thus the wearer looks stylish while still being dry and waterproof.

These are some of the popular raincoat designs that you will find at stores selling the best quality umbrellas in India. Apart from providing different raincoat styles, here are some tips that can also help you to dress fashionably in your purchased raincoat.

Tips That Can Help You to Wear Raincoats Fashionably:

  • Wear the raincoat in layers: Never wear a raincoat directly over your bare skin. Since these are mostly worn in humid climates, the raincoat fabric can stick to the skin and make you feel uncomfortable. Thus you should at least wear a t-shirt inside the raincoat. Some varieties like transparent raincoats are worn over their complete dress.
  • Avoid purchasing stiff and tight or loose raincoats: When you explore various raincoat options, always get a perfectly sized one for yourself. Stiff and tight raincoats can inhibit your movement and make it hard for you to do any activity. On the other hand, large raincoats become hard to manage and can allow rainwater to leak inside.
  • Select a raincoat that comes with multiple pockets: When you get a raincoat, look for those pieces that have multiple pockets on them. It will allow you to keep your various accessories like watches and smartphones dry during rainfall.
  • Make sure that your raincoat can be packed easily: Most transparent raincoats and other varieties come with separate small bags that are used to store the wet raincoat after use. You should make sure that your raincoat can be packed easily even when it is in a wet condition.
  • Opt for a raincoat that is made from waterproof fabric: To gain the best protection against rainfall, opt for a raincoat that is made from waterproof fabric. These raincoats are generally expensive but are also extremely durable and long-lasting.

These are the different raincoat styles and tips for wearing them. Check out these and try them out today.


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