Check out these features while shopping for raincoats online

Check Out These Features While Shopping for Raincoats Online

We are currently in the middle of the monsoon season and unpredictable heavy rains have become the norm. To protect the entire body from getting wet in the rain, one needs to carry a good quality raincoat every time he or she leaves their home. You can get them from the leading raincoat manufacturers in Kolkata.

There are a variety of raincoat options that one can opt for purchase. Full body raincoats, rain jackets, and raincoats made from breathable fabric are some of the readily available varieties. You can choose from these options depending upon your needs. Apart from the basic build, some additional features can make raincoats more functional. Let us discuss some of them.

Check for These Crucial Features While Buying Raincoats Online

  • Taping on the seams: Due to its design, there are various seams present inside the raincoat. The water-resistant or waterproof fabrics are sewed at these locations. From rough usage, the stitches in these places may become loose and let rainwater leak inside. To prevent the occurrence of such incidents, the raincoat manufacturers in Kolkata use the seam taping method to close these lines. This process also stops any leakage of rainwater if the seams are not stitched properly. Seam taping is a precautionary step that helps to make raincoats more waterproof. It should not be considered as a sign of the poor quality of the raincoat.
  • Leak-proof zippers: The raincoat manufacturers in Kolkata use a lot of zippers in the making of raincoats. From the main zip to the ones installed in pockets, armpits, and other places, these are located in a lot of places. To prevent rainwater from entering, there are two options that raincoat manufacturers use. The first method is to install flaps over these zips. These are effective as it prevents rainwater from even touching the zippers. The catch in this method is that by putting a flap over every zip, the raincoat can become bulky. The next method is to install laminated zippers. These zippers have a coating and a cover at the end which prevents rainwater from entering. These types of zippers are harder to move up and down and the coating may wither from rough usage.
  • Vents: Good quality raincoats have vents that allow air circulation. In humid conditions, the inside of the raincoat becomes hot and stuffy. This makes it uncomfortable to move around wearing a raincoat. To prevent this, raincoats made from both breathable and non-breathable fabrics at the umbrella manufacturing company have vents under the armpits that allow fresh air to enter inside the raincoat. Some raincoats also have mesh-lined pockets that act as vents.
  • Adjustable hoods: If you buy raincoats from a reputed umbrella manufacturing company, you will find that these have proper hoods that are foldable and have an adjustable mechanism. Some raincoats have a pocket at the back of the neck to store the hood while in some raincoats the hood can even be removed completely. The hoods prevent rainwater from entering through the neck region of the raincoat.
  • Pockets: If you buy a ladies raincoat for scooty riding or for traveling, you need to have pockets to store your accessories. Even the basic raincoats have at least two pockets on either side of the abdomen area. As you choose more expensive raincoats, you will find additional pockets both inside and on the outer surface of the raincoat. These pockets are lined with flaps or laminated zippers to prevent the entry of rainwater. Some raincoats even have pockets near the seams to make them inconspicuous.
  • Packability: Most people do not focus on the packability of the raincoat. Whether you get a ladies raincoat for scooty riding or a men’s rain jacket for bike riding, you need to fold the raincoat after use and pack it for storage. Thus, packability is a crucial factor to consider so that the raincoat can be stored and carried after use.

The features mentioned above helps to make the raincoat more functional. Moreover, the usability of the raincoat also increases if you get these features in it. Thus whenever you buy from the leading raincoat manufacturers, check for these features in their products.

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