Check Out These Stylish Raincoat Recommendations for Women

Check Out These Stylish Raincoat Recommendations for Women

If you are going for a solo or group outdoor trip with your friends or family, you should plan everything carefully. Depending upon the place you are traveling to, there are all kinds of weather that you might come across, and your travel wardrobe must be prepared. One important piece of your travel wardrobe, especially if you’re planning on traveling in a wetter climate or during the rainy season, is a good-quality raincoat/jacket.  It will help you stay dry in case you are stuck in an unpredictable rain shower. For example, if you are traveling on your bike, get a ladies raincoat for scooty riding.

There are a lot of raincoat options that you can explore on the market. Depending upon your needs, you can get a suitable one for yourself. On the other hand, if you are traveling to a hill station, you will need warm jackets that can protect you from both the cold weather and the rain. Here are some different raincoat styles and designs that you can take a look at.

Ladies Raincoats Designs:

Heavy-duty Rain Jackets

If you are going to travel in an area receiving heavy rainfall, you can get some heavy-duty waterproof rain jackets. Contrary to the lightweight ladies raincoats for scooty, these rain jackets are made from waterproof and durable fabrics like Gore-Tex. It will keep you dry and the breathable lining provided inside prevents you from getting soggy or stuffy while moving around in the rain jacket. These jackets also come with adjustable cuffs and huge front pockets with flaps on both sides. You can use them to store and keep your accessories dry during heavy rainfall. Although these rain jackets look thick and heavy, they are as packable as your other hiking clothes.

Long Raincoats With Zippers

This design is commonly found in women’s raincoats made by the best raincoat brands in India. Even some special varieties like ladies raincoats for scooty and bike riding use this design on them. Generally, such raincoats are made with a washable and waterproof fabric. It also comes with adjustable cuffs, stand-up collars, and an adjustable hood that can even be removed.  The side zipper pockets provided in this raincoat design are quite small. The raincoats are quite long and can reach the thighs. The main zipper provided helps to close the raincoat and keep the upper body dry. This raincoat design is quite light and can also be packed easily. It makes it easier to store and travel with it. They are mostly used in warmer weather climates or for rainfall in-between the seasons.

Adjustable Hooded Raincoat

Made by the best raincoat brands in India, this raincoat design can be worn in any type of season. They can even be used as a windproof windbreaker when you go out for a drive in the rain. You may have to wear an additional layer of clothes to keep you warm in cold showers if you are using this thin raincoat. It is a lightweight packable raincoat that comes with a drawstring at the waist to adjust the raincoat and make it fit your body size. The pockets and zippers also have additional flaps to prevent the rainwater from leaking inside. You can even find some transparent raincoat options of this design available on the market.

Outdoor Travel Jacket

This type of design is the best option you can go for if you are looking for a jacket that can provide rain cover as well as additional protection from natural elements. Unlike transparent raincoats, outdoor travel jackets can overcome any type of weather. It comes with a removable hood, a storm flap, and snap patch pockets along with hidden inside pockets. These jackets also have a double separating zipper and a belt at the waist to adjust the size. Although these outdoor travel jackets look hefty, they can be easily folded and packed for storage when not in use.

When you are shopping for travel raincoats for women, you should look beyond the usual designs and explore the varieties available on the market. Aside from the utility of the rain jacket, you can also focus on its appearance. Most rain jackets for women come in multiple color shades, styles, and sizes.

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