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Patio umbrellas are large outdoor umbrellas that can be set up to provide shelter when you are outside. Various types of patio umbrellas offer different coverage features to protect from the harsh sunlight and keep you dry when it rains. The coverage they offer depends on their various sizes, as they provide shade to more than one person. When it comes to ordering a suitable patio-styled promotional umbrella from the leading umbrella brands in India, you will have to consider a few factors. For example, your budget, the environment where you will be using it, and the size you need. Luckily, this guide can provide you with all the important details that you need to learn about patio-styled promotional umbrellas.

Different styles of patio umbrellas

 The first factor to consider while buying a patio-styled umbrella is its style. Many points contribute to the style of a particular patio umbrella. You need to ask the leading umbrella brands in India more about them before you order any patio umbrellas.

Two main types of patio-styled promotional umbrellas are:

  • Center pole patio umbrella
  • Offset patio umbrellas


Center pole patio umbrella


The Center pole patio umbrella has a straight pole. The straight pole is found in the middle of the umbrella (from the top to the canopy to the base). Center pole patio umbrellas are the commonest style of patio umbrellas manufactured by umbrella brands in India. They come with different types of bases to secure the umbrella, and they are mobile base and fixed base.

This type of patio or outdoor umbrella is constructed by the best umbrella brand in India so that it can blockade direct sunlight by reflection or diffusion. Center pole patio umbrellas in turn can be divided into various categories. They are:

  • Half umbrellas: Half umbrellas are a type of center pole umbrellas that are customized to have one flat side. These patio-styled promotional umbrellas are often assembled and put up against a wall. This type of center pole patio umbrella is designed primarily to provide the user with cool shades on their confined balcony, verandah, garden, or porch. Half umbrellas come in two types of designs, either they are rounded in shape, or they are straight canopies that have a clean edge or drapes.
  • Market umbrella: Market umbrellas can be considered to be the most common design of the center pole patio umbrella that is manufactured by the best umbrella brand in India. They are used by hawkers or stall owners when they set up their makeshift shops on the roadside. The large size of the market umbrella ensures that both the shopkeeper and their goods remain protected from harsh climatic conditions. The canopy of a market umbrella has an octagonal or round design. Its canopies are sometimes vented to provide airflow and stability so that the market umbrella can be used in windy weather.
  • Beach umbrella: Beach umbrellas are the final category in the list of center pole patio umbrellas types. Their canopies often come in round shapes along with their edges occupied with valences. These umbrella designs have a secured base, usually spiked one so that they can remain standing in the sand even when the wind blows strongly.


Offset patio umbrella


This type of patio-styled promotional umbrella is also known as cantilever umbrellas. Unlike the center pole umbrella design, an offset patio umbrella often comes with jointed or arched poles. These poles are attached to the side of the umbrella so that they can provide support.

When you compare the two patio-styled umbrella designs, the offset patio umbrella has an advantage over the center pole patio one. Due to the broad coverage that they offer, offset patio umbrellas are considered to be the best quality umbrella in India, in the patio-design category. Cantilever or offset patio umbrellas are often assembled to shade a dining table that does not have an umbrella hole in the middle. Hence, these are mostly found in the outdoor sections of hotels and restaurants.

These are the different types of patio-styled promotional umbrellas available on the market. If you want to order the best quality umbrella in India in the patio-design category, you should go through this guide first before ordering them for your brand.


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