Want to Know How Promotional Umbrellas are Made? Check Out This Guide!

Want to Know How Promotional Umbrellas are Made? Check Out This Guide!

Umbrellas have been a part of human civilization for centuries. As humankind developed better technologies, materials used to manufacture umbrellas have also improved through the years. Nowadays, umbrella manufacturers use a variety of materials like wood, metal, fiberglass, nylon, etc for making the different parts of an umbrella. These materials make the umbrella design more waterproof, durable, and long-lasting. Let us look at the detailed manufacturing process of promotional umbrellas for advertising for more information.

The Manufacturing Process of Promotional Umbrellas Comprises the Following Points:

A promotional umbrella is made in an umbrella factory in India by semi-skilled workers. It is important to focus on the choices of materials and their quality during the entire manufacturing process. If brands want to get high-quality promotional umbrellas for advertising, they need to focus on manufacturing and assembling the different components flawlessly.

  • The fabric for umbrellas: Umbrella manufacturers can choose from fabric materials like silk, wool, cotton, rayon, or acetate. Nowadays, the most commonly used fabric in umbrellas for advertising is nylon taffeta with an acrylic coating on the underside and a scotch-guard type finish on the top. To make the promotional umbrella more waterproof, umbrella manufacturers may also use microfiber fabrics. While the fabric for the promotional umbrella’s canopy is bought from the fabric suppliers, the designs and prints on them are made by the umbrella manufacturers.
  • The shaft of the umbrella: The shaft of any promotional umbrella is usually made of wood, steel, or aluminum. Sometimes, even fiberglass and other plastics can be used for large-sized outdoor umbrellas. If wood is used for the creation of the umbrella shaft, wood-shaping machines like turning machines and lathes are used. To mold the metal and plastic shafts, these materials are drawn and solidified to give them the required shape. Brands can get good-quality umbrellas at wholesale prices in India if they order them in bulk quantities.
  • The ribs and stretchers of the umbrellas: Ribs are fitted underneath the canopy of the promotional umbrella so that they can support hold the dome-like structure. In folding umbrellas, the ribs have joints that can stretch or fold the canopy if the promotional umbrella is opened or closed respectively. The stretchers join the ribs with the shaft of the umbrella. They are assembled in such a manner that the entire fitting gives a “U” shape to the ribs. Stretchers are usually made of steel or some other such metal.
    i. The ribs are attached to the shaft by fitting them with a round nylon or plastic piece with teeth around the edges, which is then held with a thin wire. The stretchers are then connected to the shaft of the promotional umbrella with a plastic or metal runner. This component moves along the shaft whenever the promotional umbrella is opened or closed.
    ii. Catch springs are also present in the promotional umbrella’s shaft. They are small coiled metal pieces that have to be pressed whenever the promotional umbrella is slid up the shaft to open or slid down the shaft for closing. Metal shafts have a hollow structure so that they can contain the catch springs inside. You can reach out to the leading manufacturers of promotional umbrellas and the best raincoats in India for more information about the parts used in the umbrella structure.
  • The canopy of the umbrella: We have already discussed how the fabric for the canopy of the promotional umbrella is selected. After this, the canopy is then hand sewn to the ribs in the form of individual panels. The canopy cannot be cut from one piece of fabric because each panel needs to be shaped according to the size and curvature of the canopy. It is done by making the panels that follow the thread pattern of the weave. Making mistakes in this process can be disastrous as the material might get pulled and create puckers. A standard promotional rain umbrella comprises eight panels while those for kids can have six panels. Similarly, large outdoor umbrellas can have up to twelve panels. For a more detailed description of this process, you can contact the manufacturers of umbrellas and the best raincoats in India.

These are the points that one must know if they want to learn about the manufacturing process of promotional umbrellas. If brands want to get promotional umbrellas at wholesale prices in India, they need to know about each detail of the manufacturing process and then think of ways to do cost-cutting without compromising the quality.


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