Different types of promotional umbrellas brands can invest in

Different Types of Promotional Umbrellas Brands Can Invest in

Umbrellas are one of the most useful alternatives when you compare them to other promotional products. A lot of umbrella types can be found on the market if you are looking to invest in some umbrellas for advertising. Depending upon the brand’s needs and requirements, you can opt to get any of the following types mentioned below. Here is a list of common promotional umbrella types that are useful for marketing purposes.

Regular Customized Umbrellas

As the most common type of umbrella, it is known for its vintage look and non-collapsible frame. You can get these umbrellas for advertising if you want a particular style like a doorman umbrella or a walking stick lookalike. A regular umbrella has three components, the canopy, handle, and frame. Each part of it is responsible to keep the umbrella intact.

Foldable Promotional Umbrellas

These types of foldable promotional umbrellas have also become increasingly popular. The more the folds are present on the structure of the promotional umbrella, the more compact it becomes. They are more in use nowadays as they can be easily folded to fit into a bag or glove compartment for storage. The small size and foldable nature make it easier to carry them.

Automatic Mechanism Promotional Umbrellas

Modern promotional umbrellas come with three types of opening mechanisms. Manual opening, automatic opening, and automatic opening/closing. The most prevalent one is the manual opening type as does not require any sophisticated components and is quite cheap to provide in a promotional umbrella. The automatic opening or both opening and closing are found in a higher quality of promotional umbrellas. These are quite expensive when compared to their regular counterparts. Having the umbrella open and close with the tap of a switch can be quite handy, especially if your hands are full carrying other materials.

Windproof Promotional Umbrellas

Apart from protecting us from rainfall, there are specialized windproof promotional umbrellas for advertising that also help us in windy and stormy conditions. These are mostly used in areas of regular storms, typhoons, or rain showers. For such weather conditions, brands should ask the leading umbrella manufacturers India to manufacture windproof umbrellas. These types of umbrellas are lab-tested and designed to withstand windy weather. A windproof promotional umbrella is made with durable materials that allow them to handle wind speeds of around 50 miles. They might also have double layers to ensure that the canopy does not capitulate.

Promotional Golf Umbrellas

Golf is a sport where everyone uses an umbrella. Thus, it is a great place to promote your brand by putting up umbrellas for advertising.  Brands can also ask the umbrella manufacturers India to provide them with customized golf promotional umbrellas that can be used even by the golf players, apart from the spectators.

Transparent Promotional Umbrellas

Transparent promotional umbrellas are the standard umbrellas that just have a transparent canopy surface. These are preferred by people who like minimalistic styles as there is no decoration present except the branding logo and name. These can be given as gifts to others because of their modernistic looks.

Inverted Promotional Umbrellas

Another latest trending umbrella design is the inverted umbrella. These are more suitable for use in rainy weather as their closing method prevents the rainwater from falling off the top canopy surface. These promotional umbrellas are closed in an inverted manner. Thus the outside wet layer of the umbrella gets folded and prevents the surface from getting wet. These are easy to use if you are entering some place directly after traveling in the rain.

Moreover, an inverted umbrella is provided with a good handle by the top umbrella brands in India. You can simply place it around your arm if you have both hands occupied. Likewise, you can hang it so that it doesn’t fall on the floor when not in use.

Large Outdoor Promotional Umbrellas

Whenever a family goes for outdoor trips to the beach, forest, or any other such natural spot, they carry with them a large outdoor umbrella. Such umbrellas are highly effective against harsh weather conditions like heavy rain and intense sunlight. Brands can ask the top umbrella brands in India to manufacture them according to their needs.

These are the different types of promotional umbrellas that brands can invest in. Depending upon their needs and preferences, they can go for one particular type of umbrella or multiple types.


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