Different Types of Promotional Umbrellas for Brand Promotion

Different Types of Promotional Umbrellas for Brand Promotion

People favor receiving promotional umbrellas rather than other regular promotional items. These are more attractive, durable, and long-lasting products. Brands have even started to invest in different types of promotional umbrellas so that their awareness can be spread more effectively. By ordering from the top umbrella brands in India, businesses can receive premium quality promotional umbrellas that are customized for different occasions and events. Let us look at some of them.

These Are The Different Varieties of Promotional Umbrellas That Brands Can Get for Advertising Purposes

  • Standard promotional umbrellas: These are the most basic type of promotional umbrellas. Similar to the regular umbrellas on the market, standard promotional umbrellas are built to be used every day. These provide sufficient protection from rain, sun, and wind. You can also get customized umbrellas that have attractive designs, prints, and patterns along with the brand logo and name on the canopy. Even the standard promotional umbrellas that are made by the top umbrella brands in India have better quality and appearance than their regular counterparts.
  • Sports promotional umbrellas: These types of promotional umbrellas are used by teams and athletes during their practice or tournaments. Brands provide sports promotional umbrellas that are slightly larger and have a stand at the bottom so that they can be placed at any location. These sports umbrellas are more lightweight for easier transportation and are mainly designed to give protection from the sun and strong winds. They can be placed near the team dugouts so that players can come and rest after their practice or matches. Even the coaching staff uses the sports promotional umbrellas provided by the top umbrella brands in India.
  • Compact promotional umbrellas: These products are slightly different from the standard promotional umbrellas. In standard umbrellas, the canopy is folded after use but in compact umbrellas, the shaft also collapses to make the folded form more miniature-sized. Thus, these types of promotional umbrellas are easier to store and carry. Every umbrella manufacturing company focuses on making more compact promotional umbrellas nowadays.
  • Outdoor promotional umbrellas: These types of promotional umbrellas are designed for outdoor usage. They can be used on beaches, around swimming pools, outside shops, courtyards, gardens, etc. You can even take them with you for private family outings like picnics. Thus a commercial outdoor umbrella needs to be more durable so that it can handle any harsh weather. Brands can ask the umbrella manufacturing company to provide these products so that they can distribute them to people and even other businesses.
  • Windproof promotional umbrellas: Some areas suffer from strong winds regularly. In these places, brands can opt to distribute windproof umbrellas to the local people. A windproof promotional umbrella has vents to prevent the structure from capitulating. This feature allows the wind to blow out from the vented space. Brands can ask for these types of promotional umbrellas from India from the suppliers and give them out to the local community to spread their awareness among them.
  • Inverted promotional umbrellas: These are some of the latest designs that are becoming increasingly popular. An inverted promotional umbrella is folded inside out so that the outer wet surface of the canopy becomes covered. This prevents the water from dripping off the umbrellas. Brands can look to invest in these unique designs and give them out to young adults who may be intrigued with these designs.
  • LED promotional umbrellas: This is also an attractive design concept that is widely becoming popular. In these types of promotional umbrellas India, the ribs and shaft have a layer of LED lights that are arranged to form patterns along with the umbrella canopy. These LED lights can be switched on by the press of a switch provided on the handle. During the night, these LED promotional umbrellas are attractive to look at when switched on. Such a unique design will make this type of promotional umbrella widely popular among people.

These are some of the varieties of promotional umbrellas that are being used by everyone. Brands and businesses can invest in these different types and create a unique promotional umbrella for effective brand marketing. This helps to increase brand awareness among a larger group of people.


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