Different Types of Promotional Umbrellas For in Brand Marketing

Different Types of Promotional Umbrellas For in Brand Marketing

To raise their awareness among people, brands use a variety of advertising strategies. Investing and distributing promotional items is one such effective idea. But even among promotional items, the best choice is to go for promotional umbrellas. These are more functional and convenient to use than their other counterparts.

In India, the tropical weather here is highly unpredictable and most people carry an umbrella while going out of their house. Thus distributing promotional umbrellas will attract the attention of the masses. By reaching out to the best umbrella brands, companies can order good-quality promotional umbrellas for their brand marketing efforts. If your brand is looking to invest in promotional umbrellas, here are the different types that you can check out before ordering.

Outdoor Patio Promotional Umbrellas

People mostly gather in restaurants, beaches, parks, and other public places to socialize and relax. Thus these are the best spots for brands to do advertising so that they can catch the attention of a lot of people. By collaborating with local businesses like cafes and restaurants, brands can order large-sized patio umbrellas from the best umbrella brands in India and then put them up at various locations. These spots can be used by people to sit down and relax. While local businesses gain more traffic, the print on these patio promotional umbrellas helps to advertise the name and logo of the brand to everyone present in the vicinity.

Sports Promotional Umbrellas

Sports is another sector that has high usage of umbrellas. Especially in outdoor games, players need to rest after their training or matches. Moreover, the team staff and coaches also use umbrellas to protect themselves from the harsh weather. Having large promotional umbrellas from the best umbrella brands can provide a lot of relief at that time. These promotional umbrellas provide shade to the players and other staff so that they can relax and rest until their next team activity. Thus brands and companies can provide promotional umbrellas at these places to raise their awareness. They can even order from the best umbrella brand in India so that their products leave a positive impression on the people after usage.

Fashion Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas are also popular among the masses because of their build and attractive design. Thus these are also used as fashion accessories by many people. The best umbrella brands in India can modify the design of the promotional umbrella to meet the requirements of their clients. Using bright colors, simple patterns, unique designs, large brand logos or names are some of the customization options that can be applied by the best umbrella brand to make their promotional umbrellas more attractive. Even professional artists and photographers use promotional umbrellas in their work sometimes.

Gift Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas can be considered a good gifting item to other people. Their durable build, attractive design, and functionality make them useful for many people. Thus people always appreciate receiving a functional and convenient gift item like promotional umbrellas. Brands can reach out to leading promotional umbrella suppliers like Orange Umbrella Kolkata to get customized promotional umbrellas that are perfect to be used as gifts. These can be customized to suit both social and corporate gatherings and thus can be gifted at both types of occasions.

Regular Promotional Umbrellas

The most common type of promotional umbrella that you can find is the regular one that is used by a single person. These are distributed by brands and companies to people during promotional events. These promotional umbrellas are compact in form and thus can be closed and stored easily after use. Due to their durable structure, regular promotional umbrellas last for a long time. The longer they are in use, the more people see the brand name and logo. This makes promotional umbrellas one of the most effective advertising tools. Regular promotional umbrellas are also readily available and the leading suppliers like Orange Umbrella Kolkata can easily provide them to their clients.

These five types of promotional umbrellas are mostly used for brand marketing and attracting the audience. If you decide to invest in these products, your brand will have wider coverage and easily raise awareness among the crowd.


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