Different types of promotional umbrellas suitable for outdoor use

Different Types of Promotional Umbrellas Suitable for Outdoor Use

After working through the weekdays, many people plan to relax outdoors. They go to the beach, a scenic spot for a picnic, or even lounge around at their house’s backyard swimming pool. Irrespective of the location choice, they will need to be prepared to prevent any source of discomfort from disturbing their relaxation time, such as harmful sunlight, rain, and gusty winds. Low-quality umbrellas cannot offer proper protection in such situations as they are quite small, hard to handle, and are not built for this purpose. Rather than using make-shift solutions, it is better to use specialized umbrellas that have been designed for these purposes. Windproof umbrellas, beach umbrellas, and many more such varieties are available that are used by people when they travel outside. Thus, if brands are looking to invest in promotional umbrellas for advertising that can be used outdoors, they can explore these umbrella options.

Windproof Umbrellas

Windproof umbrellas can be considered an upgraded design of a regular umbrella. They have been customized at the manufacturing level so that they can serve a majorly different purpose, which is to protect their users from strong winds, storms, and gales. A windproof folding umbrella is manufactured using strong and flexible materials, mainly for the shaft and ribs. It allows the umbrella structure to absorb the impact from the strong winds. If brands are looking to order this type from the umbrella makers, it will cost them slightly more.

The design of the windproof umbrella is also different as it has two canopies with a slight space between them. This allows the airflow to remain continuous both inside and outside the umbrella. These types of umbrellas from the best umbrella brand in India also need to be lab tested to earn a windproof tag. Thus, investing in windproof umbrellas for advertising is a good way to increase brand awareness as they are quite eye-catching due to their unique and complex design.

Beach Umbrellas

Beaches are popular touring spots for people. Thus, beach umbrellas can be considered one of the best outdoor umbrellas for advertising that brands can invest in. Every best umbrella brand in India manufactures beach umbrellas as they are widely popular among the masses. Their shaft has a unique design at its lower end that allows people to fix it in the sand. It can either have sandbags that can be filled with up to 40 pounds of sand or unique pointy stands that can go deep into the sand and fix the beach umbrella. The purpose is to offer more stability so that the beach umbrella does not fall on the people resting under it.

These types of umbrellas are quite suitable to be used outdoors, especially for family outings at beaches or parks. As they have a large canopy, multiple people can rest under its shade. The umbrella canopy is generally made from durable UV-resistant polyester material which can protect against all types of sunlight radiation and even heavy rains.

Heavy-duty Pool Umbrellas

If going into the wilds or too far off is quite burdening, there are still swimming pools where people can relax alone or with family and friends. Many places have swimming pools like hotels, clubs, schools, theme parks, and even dedicated public use swimming pools. At these places, one can find large heavy-duty outdoor pool umbrellas.

As they are heavy-duty, they are quite expensive to manufacture. Brands can invest in them if they want to target a slightly richer audience that has a better-off lifestyle. They can collaborate with the hotels, parks, clubs, etc, and order bulk umbrellas. This will allow them to get promotional umbrellas wholesale price in India from the umbrella brands.

Heavy-duty pool umbrellas provide seating space for up to 8 people and are best for a relaxing outdoor gathering. The umbrella canopy is made from polyester fabric that is water repellent and UV resistant. The umbrella can be adjusted easily with its crank and cantilever.

These are the types of outdoor promotional umbrellas that brands can choose to invest in to raise their awareness. They are designed to handle demanding usage and extreme weather conditions. Check out the regional umbrella suppliers and order bulk umbrellas if brands wish to get these promotional umbrellas wholesale price in India.


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