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Explore the different material choices for promotional umbrella parts

While ordering umbrellas for marketing purposes, businesses and companies need to ensure that the final products they receive are durable. Umbrellas that have weak poles and frames will be susceptible to breaking while being handled or get snapped when exposed to strong winds. If the promotional products break down in public, it will be embarrassing for the business/company. The fragility of the promotional umbrella might also leave a poor brand impression on the people. No one would like to experience such a disgraceful event, thus, you must choose the best durable materials when you order promotional umbrellas from the leading umbrella brands in India.

Promotional umbrella material choices:


When it comes to the selection of materials for the promotional umbrella parts, there are two main categories. Fabric material for the canopy and metal or other such strong, durable materials for the pole and frames. Let us discuss the properties and features of each material choice. It will help you to choose the best option when you place the promotional umbrella order at the leading umbrella brands in India.


Aluminium is known for its lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties. Using this metal for making the frames of the promotional umbrella is a good choice as it makes the umbrella structure lighter and resistant to rusting. Thus, they can be used for a long time even when exposed to rainy conditions. Aluminium is preferred over wood, which is another lightweight corrosion-resistant material because it is also malleable. The top umbrella brands in India can work with aluminium to transform it into various shapes.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is an alloy that can be used to make the frames and poles of promotional umbrellas. As the allow contains nickel, chromium, or molybdenum, it is corrosion-resistant. Thus, the best quality umbrella in India is mostly made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is also malleable and flexible, properties which allow the umbrella manufacturers to make small umbrella parts using this alloy.


The business or company can also choose wood as the material to make their promotional umbrellas. Mostly, wood is chosen for the classic appearance that it brings, rather than its properties. Retro-styled umbrellas use wood because it increases the aesthetics of the product. The best quality umbrella in India uses little-to-no wood. It is because wood does not last long as the material is susceptible to decay and weather damage. Moreover, wood is also not as durable as metal or fibreglass. Better quality wood is also quite expensive. It is better to use wood in small quantities like for the handle of the umbrella.


Fibreglass is considered to be the best material to make promotional umbrellas. It is more durable and flexible than metals and is mostly used to make the frames and poles of the umbrella. Moreover, it is also resistant to rusting and decay. Due to its high quality, fibreglass also has a higher price than other umbrella materials like wood and metal. But for companies and businesses, it can be a good investment to choose fibreglass. The long-lasting promotional umbrellas created using it will garner positive reviews and increase their brand awareness more effectively among the public. Thus, the returns will be a lot higher.

Canopy fabric

Choosing the fabric for the promotional umbrella canopy is also a crucial step that the ordering company and the best umbrella brand in India must take care of. Along with the aesthetics that it provides, the canopy will also have different designs, brand logos and names printed upon the surface. Moreover, the canopy must also be durable enough to protect the user from weather like the scorching sun, strong winds, or heavy rainfall. Thus, the quality of the canopy fabric matters a lot. Some of the best umbrella brands in India use styrene-acrylic or a PVC canopy fabric. This fabric increases the durability of the umbrella and allows it to be used in various weather conditions. Also, keep in mind the limitations of the fabric before it for your promotional umbrella.

These are the material choices that a company needs to explore before ordering promotional umbrellas from the top manufacturers. Discuss the features, costs, limitations, availability, and other factors related to these materials. Then decide to use them in the umbrella manufacturing process.

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