Explore the Types of Umbrellas That Brands Use for Marketing Needs

Explore the Types of Umbrellas That Brands Use for Marketing Needs

An umbrella is an essential item that can be found in every Indian household item. It is used to protect us from harsh weather like intense sunlight, heavy rainfall, or strong winds. Because of their high utility value, umbrellas are considered to be one of the best promotional items by brands, businesses, and companies. A perfectly chosen promotional umbrella for advertising can leave a positive impression on the people seeing or using it.

Another major reason brands like to invest in promotional umbrellas is because they come in varying designs. Depending upon the target audience, the brands can ask the umbrella manufacturers to create a suitable customer-centric umbrella. Let us look at some of these designs and what they offer.

Different Designs Made by the Top Umbrellas Brands:


Straight Umbrellas

Straight umbrellas can be considered a traditional design and they have a non-collapsible structure. Most vintage-looking black umbrellas that you see in classic films fall under this category. Some people also use then closed straight umbrella as a walking stick. By choosing to invest in straight promotional umbrellas for advertising, the brands can reach out to the unique audience that finds classical designs more pleasing. A straight umbrella includes four basic parts, the canopy, handle, runner and tube. Each part serves its functions and gives the umbrella a distinct appeal that makes it stand out from the rest of the designs.

Windproof Umbrellas

For people living in an area where strong winds and storms are quite frequent, having a strong windproof umbrella is a must. It helps them to travel in such weather conditions without the fear of their umbrellas breaking due to the wind pressure. The umbrellas manufacturers of such regions use extra-strong materials to build windproof umbrellas. Apart from reinforcement, these types of umbrellas also have a double-layer structure just like the best quality raincoats. This design helps the wind to flow out from the double-layered canopy structure and prevents the windproof umbrella from capitulating. Brands can also order large-sized windproof umbrellas for advertising that can provide shelter for multiple people.

Bubble Umbrellas

This is a unique design that brands can go for while selecting a template for their promotional umbrella. It has a spherical-shaped canopy, which tends to cover the entire face of the user. Most of the time, bubble umbrellas are used by individuals from high-class societies or as props in fashion shows and photoshoot sessions. You can ask the umbrella manufacturers to print various designs that can further accentuate the looks of the bubble promotional umbrella. Thus, these umbrellas for advertising can fulfill their purpose more easily.

Sports Umbrellas

In sports, people have to train even in harsh weather conditions to remain fit and competitive. While the best quality raincoats are used for training in climatic conditions like rainfall, you will also find many promotional umbrellas being used in sporting events. As sporting events attract large crowds, it is the best place for brands and businesses to do promotions and raise their product awareness. They can order large sports umbrellas that can be used by multiple people and distribute them outside/near the sporting events. People who get the free branded sports umbrellas and use them in the crowds will be doing free advertising.

Automatic Umbrellas

Automatic umbrellas are one of the most popular umbrella designs of the top umbrella brands in India. They come with an automatic mechanism that allows the user to open or close the promotional umbrella with a button push. This button is located on the handle of the umbrella that can be used even if you have your hands occupied with other items. For example, you can easily adjust to open your automatic umbrella even while carrying your bags.

Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

These are heavy and large umbrellas that are made for outdoor use. Brands and companies can order them from the top umbrella brands in India if they plan to hold a large outdoor gathering. Apart from advertising through the branding on its umbrella canopy, the purpose of outdoor patio umbrellas is to offer shade and protection to people against harsh climatic conditions. People use these umbrellas when they travel to beaches, parks, or anywhere outside for recreation activities.

In Indian households, umbrellas are considered to be an important handy tool because of their usefulness. Thus, promotional umbrellas can help brands reach a wider audience. The variety of designs and customization options make promotional umbrellas one of the best advertising items for brands to invest in.

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