Promotional Umbrella

Features you will find in a premium quality promotional umbrella

The key objectives behind using a promotional umbrella are to protect the user from harsh weather conditions as well as spread brand awareness through advertising. To ensure that the umbrella can last to perform these objectives without getting damaged, it needs to have unique features. Most of these features stem from the use of high-quality materials. Thus, the best umbrella brand in India always uses such materials to make umbrella parts. These are then assembled to create premium quality promotional umbrellas.

Features of promotional umbrella parts:


The canopy is part of the promotional umbrella that keeps the user protected from unfriendly weather. Hence, it is considered one of the most essential parts of the umbrella. The canopy must be large enough to cover the user as well as showcase the brand advertising printed on its surface. You can also ask the best umbrella brand in India to use those fabrics that can provide ultraviolet blocking properties from the sunlight. It will make the promotional umbrella more useful in this summer weather.

Ribs and stretcher

Ribs are part of a promotional umbrella that breaks away easily. Most of the time this happens because the ribs cannot handle the pressure applied to them by an umbrella. To avoid such a situation, the best umbrella brand in India must use materials that can provide flexibility as well as durability to the ribs. Some of the most commonly used materials to manufacture ribs are steel, aluminium and fibreglass, fibreglass is the most suitable choice.

If the ribs are built with fibreglass, the additional flexibility will help them handle strong winds during storms. This will prevent the promotional umbrella from capitulating.  Using fibreglass will also ensure that the ribs are free from corrosion or rust, increasing their durability.


The shaft is the centre pole that holds all the umbrella structures together. The best quality umbrella in India must have a strong shaft so that it does not break easily. The shaft can be made of different materials like wood, steel, aluminium and fibreglass. These materials make the shaft rust-free and provide various levels of durability depending on your choice. The best material to make the promotional umbrella shaft is anodized aluminium. It will allow the shaft to be lightweight, rust-free, and highly durable. Fibreglass and nickel-plated steel are also good choices that can be selected properties. Fibreglass is known to provide durability as well as flexibility that makes the promotional umbrella shaft long-lasting.


Although many people do not count rivets as a significant feature, they are the rooftop of the promotional umbrella and an essential feature that contributes to its quality. While constructing the best quality umbrella in India, the umbrella manufacturers must focus on the rivets being used if they want to have a durable finished product. Ordinary hollow kinds of rivets are weak and can rust easily. Meanwhile, using copper rivets in a promotional umbrella will add to its durability as they are rust-resistant.


The top umbrella brands in India also pay attention while selecting the materials for the handle of the promotional umbrella. A handle must be easy and comfortable to hold on to, even when it is wet. The quality of a good umbrella can be determined by the grip provided on its handle. The promotional umbrella handle can be from plastic, wood, aluminium and rubber. From these choices, rubber and plastic stand out as the best materials. The plastics used are those that have a matte and shiny finish. If you decide to get a rubber-handled promotional umbrella, go for a solid rubber one rather than rubber coating or spray-on plastic handles.

The umbrella manufacturers will make sure that the umbrella handle provides enough grip that makes it easier to hold and carry. A good promotional umbrella must have a proper handle that the user can grasp even when their hands are preoccupied with other things or they are travelling in rainy weather.

These are the different umbrella parts that add important features to the finished promotional umbrella after it gets assembled. The leading umbrella brands in India must pay attention to the selection of materials for these parts as well as their manufacturing process so that durable parts are produced. These can then fit together to form premium quality promotional umbrellas.

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