Focus on these factors while ordering promotional umbrellas

Focus on These Factors While Ordering Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas have emerged as one of the leading marketing tools for various brands and companies. Apart from distribution among people for brand advertisements, these promotional folding umbrellas can be also be used for other purposes like as a corporate gift in company meetings.

While ordering promotional umbrellas from the leading umbrella brands in India, brands must focus on some factors to ensure that they receive the best products for use. Let us discuss some of them in detail.

While Ordering Promotional Umbrellas, Check Out These Things First:

  • The size of the umbrella: A promotional folding umbrella can have different sizes to suit different occasions and events. The size is calculated by considering the height of the shaft and canopy of the folding umbrella. The canopy surface is calculated as per its radius or diameter and it determines the protection cover of the promotional umbrella. On the other hand, the length of the shaft determines the height of the quality product. While ordering from the leading umbrella brands in India, brands can customize the size of the promotional umbrella according to its need. For example, if the folding umbrella is for kids and teenagers, it should be a bit smaller than the regular-sized umbrellas. If the promotional umbrella is going to be used for advertisement in social gatherings, it should have a large size like a patio umbrella.
  • The materials required to build the umbrella: Every leading umbrella manufacturing company uses the best materials to build its quality products. For the canopy, nylon, microfiber, and cotton are considered the most suitable fabric. For making the shaft, ribs, and handle of the promotional umbrella, durable and flexible materials are needed. The suitable materials for these parts comprise iron, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. This allows the folding umbrella to handle the pressure from winds and rain. The handle is made from a material that can be gripped properly like rubber or plastic.
  • The design printed on the umbrella canopy: The top umbrella brands in India customize the prints on the umbrella canopy according to the brands’ demand. Brands can choose from the various patterns and designs available. They can even go for a solid single color to make their promotional umbrellas look professional. The umbrella manufacturing company also has to focus on the brand’s logo and message that must be printed clearly for brand advertisement.

Apart from these basic requirements, here are some additional structural choices given by the top umbrella brands in India to make their promotional umbrellas a quality product.

  • Going for stick umbrellas or choosing a compact umbrella: A compact folding umbrella is the best for personal use. These can be folded into a small size after use that is easy to store and carry. On the other hand, stick umbrellas have a big size and are strong enough to protect in heavy rains.
  • Installing an automatic mechanism or keeping it manual: The promotional umbrella can have an additional automatic mechanism that opens and closes the umbrella by pressing a button on the handle. Or it can be kept simple through a manual opening mechanism.
  • Making the promotional umbrella more windproof: In stormy areas, the strong winds can capitulate any folding umbrella. Thus, providing features like a double canopy can make the promotional umbrella more windproof.
  • Adding UV protection layers: Apart from the rain and wind, the promotional umbrella can also be used to protect oneself from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. This can be achieved by adding a UV protection layer coating on the canopy of the promotional umbrella.

An advertising brand must discuss all these factors with the leading umbrella brands in India. This helps them to decide on the final quality product. Every aspect of the promotional folding umbrella is crucial and must be researched carefully before finalizing.

The two most crucial factors that must be focused on are the quality of material used in making the umbrella and the designs printed on the promotional umbrella canopy. The former defines the durability and usage-life of the promotional umbrella while the latter makes it more attractive and suitable for brand advertisement. Brands should ask the promotional umbrella suppliers to focus on these in more detail.


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