Here are 5 innovative ways to use your promotional umbrella

Here are 5 Innovative Ways to Use Your Promotional Umbrella

Promotional umbrellas often slip out of a brand’s list when they are looking for multipurpose promotional products. Unlike the widespread belief that umbrellas have only a single purpose, there are also various innovative ways that brands and businesses can look forward to using their promotional umbrellas. Look for the leading folding umbrella manufacturers in India to know more specific details regarding this. We have also listed five unique ways to spread brand awareness through promotional umbrellas.

These are 5 Innovative Ways of Using Promotional Umbrellas:
    • Patio umbrellas: Outdoor dining is a popular concept that attracts lots of food lovers. Similarly, at social gatherings like conventions and concerts, a lot of people gather for various activities. Brands can do promotions in front of such large crowds by investing in large-sized patio umbrellas. These can be set up on booths and benches that provide shade to people. A well-designed patio-styled promotional umbrella will be easily visible among the crowd and is a good advertisement strategy.
    • Beach umbrellas: Beaches are some of the busiest tourist destinations in the world. There are groups of people enjoying the view of the blue horizon while lazing on the sandy beach. Beach umbrellas are handy and are carried by every family when they go for a vacation there. These provide shade and protect the family members from exposure to the sun’s UV radiation. Thus, brands and companies can search for the best umbrella manufacturers in India if they are willing to invest in promotional beach umbrellas.
    • Sports umbrellas: While playing an outdoor game, every team or athlete needs a proper resting area. These resting booths can be set up using sports umbrellas that can accommodate the players on their break or their coaches and other support staff while they are playing. Brands can capitalize on this advertising opportunity and invest in promotional sports umbrellas. This can help them to spread their brand awareness to a huge number of viewers watching the sport. Golf, tennis, and cricket are some of the popular sports that can use sports promotional umbrellas outside the playing field.
    • Umbrellas for kids: If your company is looking to present a positive image to kids and teenagers by gifting them promotional umbrellas, here are some tips that you can follow.
      1. 1. Get small-sized promotional umbrellas because your target audience has smaller physical bodies.
      2. 2. Opt for bright colors and cute designs for your promotional umbrellas. Kids and teenagers are more attracted to products with these looks.
      3. 3. Keep the promotional umbrella light and functional making it easier for the younger audience to use.
    • Corporate umbrellas: Aside from attracting the attention of the general customers, promotional umbrellas can also be distributed by companies to their employees, clients, and other business associates. Brands can go for a sleek design, clear logo, and classic color palette that can display the professionalism of a corporate company. These promotional products can be handed out during official conferences, seminars, and workshops to the present audience. You can contact the leading promotional umbrella suppliers of your region to get more ideas related to this.

This unique advertising approach can help any brand to reach a wider audience. Choose the suitable options and start your marketing campaign through promotional umbrellas today!


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