Ideas to Use Promotional Umbrellas for The Outdoor Activities

Ideas to Use Promotional Umbrellas for The Outdoor Activities

Due to the tropical climate in India, rainy days are common throughout the year. Moreover, during the monsoon season, unpredictable weather changes and heavy downpours are also seen a lot here. Thus, people need to carry ideal rain protection gear to prevent themselves from getting wet. Brands and businesses can utilize this opportunity by investing in umbrellas for advertising. These promotional branded umbrellas can help in raising their awareness among the masses. Let us look at the varieties of umbrellas that can be used for brand advertising.

Check Out The Varieties of Promotional Umbrellas That Brands Can Choose to Invest In:

  • Folding promotional umbrellas: These are the most basic type of promotional umbrellas distributed by brands. These merchandise can be used by anyone to protect themselves from the rain. Some companies also prefer to give out promotional folding umbrellas as a corporate umbrella gift. Moreover, the canopy can have beautiful designs and a clear brand logo printed on it. This will make it attractive and a good umbrella for advertising. The size of a folding umbrella can also differ depending upon whether it is made to shelter one or many people simultaneously.
  • Booth-style promotional umbrellas: A brand can use an umbrella for advertising during social events and gatherings. When a convention, conference, festival, or other such events take place, brands can look to attract potential customers by with the help of a booth having a promotional umbrella above it to provide shelter to the occupants. Such a large booth-style promotional umbrella is bound to attract attention in a sea of people because of its customized appearance. Moreover, the folding umbrella manufacturers in India create this type of merchandise to be durable so that it can handle outdoor weather conditions.
  • Sports promotional umbrellas: A brand can do promotions even on the playing field. By ordering sports umbrellas from the leading folding umbrella manufacturers in India, brands, and businesses can then distribute them to the teams. Depending upon the type of sport, the brand may need to get a lot of merchandise like golf umbrellas, dugout umbrellas, etc that can be used by the player to rest after their practice session or the official match. These branded umbrellas are customized with simple designs and brand logos that are not too distracting in the field.
  • Patio promotional umbrellas: This design constitutes promotional branded umbrellas that are set up outside in an open area. These can be either fixed to the ground permanently or be put up temporarily with the help of anchors. Patio-styled promotional umbrellas are quite large and they provide shelter to many people on a rainy day or a sunny afternoon. They are used outside shops, restaurants, gardens and beside swimming pools. Patio promotional umbrellas are also customized so that families can carry them while going on an outdoor vacation.
  • Artistic promotional umbrellas: Many umbrella manufacturing companies invest in unique merchandise like transparent raincoats and artistic promotional umbrellas. The main focus behind creating these types of customized branded umbrellas is to make them look trendy and attractive. These can be used in a variety of ways.
    i) These can be distributed as a corporate umbrella gift and the companies can give them out to their employees or business colleagues.
    ii) Brands and businesses can collaborate with local artists. These people can then use the artistic umbrella creations in their work.
    iii) Many fashion aficionados also like to use artistic-looking promotional umbrellas that can suit their wardrobe wear.
  • Windproof Outdoor umbrellas: In some places in India, the strong winds are more difficult to protect against rather than the rain or sun. In these areas, brands can choose to provide windproof umbrellas in place of regular umbrellas and colored or transparent raincoats. A windproof umbrella has vents that allow the air to pass easily through the umbrella. This prevents the umbrella from capitulating. These promotional branded umbrellas are also lab-tested to ensure that people receive the best quality merchandise.

Follow the above ideas like these can help brands to create more suitable promotional umbrellas for outdoor activities. Businesses can also consult with the promotional umbrella suppliers to know more details of the popular outdoor umbrella options. They can then choose to invest in one or multiple types of outdoor promotional branded umbrellas.

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