Keep Your Kids Protected From the Rain With These Raincoats

Keep Your Kids Protected From the Rain With These Raincoats

For many children, playing in the rain is the best form of joy. But it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children stay dry and well protected from rain. For children, raincoats are the best rain protective gear as it covers their entire body and keep it dry. Hence it prevents them from falling sick or catching a cold. There are multiple types of kids raincoats available on the market. From sheer raincoats, rain jackets, poncho raincoats, transparent raincoats, etc., parents can choose the best ones for their children. Let us look at some of the raincoat types popular among children.

You Can Get the Following Raincoats to Keep Your Kid Dry and Safe From Rainfall:

  • Poncho raincoats: For kids, the weight of the raincoat is a key factor. Wearing a heavy and sturdy raincoat for a long time during rainy days can put a burden on their bodies. Hence, choosing lightweight options like poncho raincoats is a good choice. Moreover, poncho raincoats are also easier to pack and carry around. that’s convenient to carry around just in case. Poncho raincoats have a conical design without any sleeves. Wearing or taking them off does not provide any hassle for the children. They come in a variety of colors and even transparent raincoats options are available. These types of raincoats reach the knees and can cover almost the entire body of your kid. Due to their design, kids can also carry a bag inside while wearing the raincoat.
  • Rain jackets: Rain jackets are considered to be one of the best raincoats in India. The varieties made for kids fulfill their purpose of keeping the users dry quite effectively. Parents can get different shades of rain jackets or even those designs that come with transparent raincoat options. A rain jacket comes with many features that keep the kid dry even in heavy rainfall.
    i. They have elastic cuffs on their sleeves to prevent rainwater from getting in through this opening.
    ii. They have taped seams that ensure that there will be no rainwater leakage even if the stitches of the raincoat become undone.
    iii. They also have flaps over zippers and pockets to prevent rainwater from going inside these gaps.
    iv. Some rain jackets also come with underarm vents to improve air circulation inside the raincoat.
    v. Since a rain jacket is referred to the portion that covers the upper part of the body, parents must also ensure that they get separate waterproof pant that covers their kid’s waist and legs. This will constitute a complete rain jacket set.
  • Hiking raincoats: The raincoat varieties discussed above are generally used for regular use and parents must also get a special raincoat for their kid that can be used for traveling outdoors. These come in handy when the family goes on a hiking trip. A suitable raincoat for hiking prioritizes durability and water protection. To ensure this, all the main seams are taped, but they still remain breathable due to the hydrophilic coating that limits condensation inside the garment. As you are looking for a hiking raincoat for children, remember to choose a lightweight option that will make it easier for your kid to move in rough outdoor terrain. These types of raincoats can be considered the best raincoats in India for outdoor use.
  • Sailor/Fisherman raincoats: Parents can get some cute raincoat designs from the top umbrella brands in India. In this category, classic raincoat designs for fishermen or sailors can also be available for your kid’s size. A fisherman-styled raincoat is ideal for wet weather as it is fully lined and completely waterproof. It also has an inner jersey lining and ribbed cuffs to keep the child cozy. They also come in bright yellow colors, which keeps children within the view of the parents or other guardians. Sailor kids’ raincoats have a polyurethane waterproof shell with striped navy and white cotton lining. They also come with an attached hood and collar with Velcro closure, full front zip with Velcro storm flap, two pockets, and waterproof heat-sealed seams. These keep the kids warm and dry even in stormy cold weather.

These are some of the most popular raincoat designs that you can get for your kids to keep them dry in rainy weather. You can explore more such varieties at the top umbrella brands in India that also manufacture other rain protective gears.


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