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Look out for these features while buying raincoats for your kids

For many kids, playing in the rain is the ultimate form of joy. On the other hand, parents need to ensure that their kids remain dry and well protected from rainfall. It reduces their chances of getting sick in this humid weather. There are multiple varieties of children’s raincoats available on the market. From transparent raincoats, rain jackets, poncho raincoats, and others, parents can select the one that is best for their children. Apart from the different types, there are also some details and features that you must take note of before getting a raincoat for your kid. Let us discuss them in detail.

Check out these fabric qualities in your child’s raincoat

When you are buying a raincoat for your kid, here are a few raincoat fabric types that you need to be aware of.

  • Water-resistant fabric:

    This type of fabric has a layer of waterproof layer on it to make it resist rainwater. Although they provide good protection against rain, heavy rainfall or prolonged exposure will allow rainwater to soak through the fabric. Thus these are mostly used to make more affordable raincoats that can handle normal rain and can be used regularly.

  • Waterproof fabric:

    Most transparent raincoats and high-quality rain jackets are made from waterproof fabric. This type of fabric is hydrophobic and thus resists water naturally. Waterproof fabric provides the best level of water protection and is thus used to make expensive raincoats that are suitable for intensive outdoor activities like hiking, mountaineering, etc.

  • Breathable fabric:

    You should also check whether your kid’s raincoat is made from a breathable fabric. As most kids are highly active and run around even in the rain, they can easily sweat a lot. If their sweat does not dry out, the clothes they wear inside the raincoat will be soaked with sweat irrespective of whether the rainwater gets in or not. Thus if you are looking to buy the best raincoat in India for your kid, you need to get a raincoat that is made from breathable fabric. It will allow air to circulate inside the raincoat and dry out the sweat.

Here are some features that can make your kid’s raincoat more functional

Apart from the raincoat fabric, parents must also check for the following features while buying the best raincoats in India for their kids.

  1. Select an appropriately sized raincoat or rain jacket for your kid:

    You need to ensure that your kid is properly covered and protected from the rain. Apart from coverage, you should also check whether your kid’s raincoat is fitting properly or not. A tight raincoat will make it difficult for them to move around while a large raincoat will allow rainwater to leak inside.

  2. Warm inner layer:

    A kid’s body is still not robust enough to handle wet and cold conditions for a long time. Thus there must be an inner lining inside that keeps your kid warm during cold rain showers.

  3. Proper protection mechanism on cuffs, pockets, seams, hems, and hoods: During heavy rainfall, rainwater may leak inside your transparent raincoat from seams, hems, cuffs, hoods, etc. Thus many of the best umbrella manufacturers in Kolkata add tapes, flaps, and other protective features to keep the areas dry and prevent the leakage of rainwater inside the raincoat.

  4. Bright colored raincoats:

    It is easy to get lost in heavy rain. Moreover, the short height of your kid can make it hard for you to find them within the crowd. Thus you must buy raincoats that have bright colors so it is easy for you to spot your child. The best umbrella manufacturers in Kolkata also provide some reflective logos on their raincoats for kids so that the parents can find them easily in the dark.

These are some of the things that you must keep in mind while buying raincoats for your kids. A good quality raincoat keeps children dry even during heavy rains. Thus as parents, it is important to invest in a proper raincoat for your kids and everyone in your family. It protects everyone from unpredictable rain showers during the monsoon season.

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