Look Out for These Features While Purchasing a Raincoat for Yourself

Look Out for These Features While Purchasing a Raincoat for Yourself

Even though we have entered a new year, there are still occasional rain showers happening across various parts of India. To keep yourself protected in such an unpredictable climate, you need to find the best quality raincoat for yourself and your family members.

Before you start exploring the raincoat options available in the market, there are some points that you should consider. You need to know about your priorities while looking for a suitable raincoat. Do you want a rough-and-tough hiking raincoat for the outdoors? Do you prefer lightweight waterproof rain jackets that can allow you to travel easily in crowds? How much priority do you give to the looks of the raincoat? These are some basic questions that you need to consider while searching for the best quality raincoat. We will discuss some of these essential features in detail below.

Find a Raincoat Style That Suits You

Before they purchase a performance coat, many people also pay attention to the looks and style of the raincoat. There are many stylish options available for the best quality raincoat in the market. You can find most of them at the leading raincoat manufacturers in your region.

  • Poncho raincoats: These raincoats are popular among the younger generation. It has a conical structure that allows people to carry a backpack on their shoulders inside the raincoat. They are quite lengthy and can reach up to the knees or even lower. Poncho raincoats are considered to be one of the best lightweight waterproof rain jackets on the market.
  • Trench coats: This style is a classic and has been prevalent since the World War era. Apart from having waterproof fabric, trench coats also have an inner lining that keeps the wearer warm. It is because trench coats are mostly worn in snowy regions.
  • Transparent raincoats: Transparent raincoats are a good raincoat option to go as they are lightweight and provide sufficient water resistance. They are widely popular in urban areas, especially among the younger generation. The transparent rain jackets allow them to flaunt their dresses while still protecting their entire body from the rain.

These are some of the raincoat styles that you can explore before purchasing them.

Choose Raincoats Made From Good Quality Waterproof Fabrics

When it comes to the fabrics being used for making the raincoats, you can select from a lot of varieties. You can go for raincoats made from natural fibers such as cotton or wool or those that have been made from fully synthetic materials. Natural fibers are generally coated with waterproofing substances and then woven together tightly to increase their water-resistance properties. Some natural options can make raincoats waterproof as well as breathable.

In types like transparent raincoats, synthetic materials are used for manufacturing. The cheaper rain jackets are made from synthetic PVC that provides high water resistance but zero breathability. If you increase your budget significantly, you will find lightweight waterproof rain jackets made from high-quality materials like GORE-TEX, HyVent, etc. They are much more breathable and comfortable to wear while doing intensive activities.

Search for These Features in the Raincoat Construction

If you are looking for the best quality raincoat, you need to focus on its construction as well, apart from the fabric and style. Not all rain jackets are manufactured to serve the same purpose even if they are from the same brand or manufacturer. There are features available in some options like ladies raincoat for scooty and bike riding which makes them stand apart from the others. Here is a list of them that you should look out for

  • Taped seams: The seams of a raincoat may get damaged from rough usage and provide an opening for rainwater to enter inside. To prevent this, some raincoats have taped seams.
  • Flaps on pockets and zips: Raincoat pockets are used to store important accessories during the rain. To prevent rainwater from entering into the outer pockets, having flaps over the mouth of the pocket is important. Flaps can also be provided over the zips to prevent rainwater entry.
  • Wrist and hood cuffs: If you are wearing your raincoat in a storm, some raincoats come with cuffs on their wrists and hoodies so that users can tighten them to prevent rainwater from leaking inside.

No matter if you are buying a transparent raincoat or a special ladies raincoat for scooty and bike riding, these are the features that you should look out for before purchasing them.


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