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Looking for The Best Raincoat? Get These features While Buying One

Moving around in heavy rain can be quite challenging. You need to have a proper raincoat that can protect you from it while also making it comfortable to be mobile in the harsh weather. Thus, there are a lot of things that you should check out before getting the best raincoat from the raincoat manufacturers in Kolkata. We will discuss some of the essential features that make raincoats more useful during rainy weather. Look out for them when you are looking to buy one for yourself or your close ones.

Learn About The Capability of Water-resistant and Waterproof Raincoats

When you purchase raincoats from the top raincoat manufacturers in Kolkata, you will find two varieties available. The water-resistant raincoats have a layer of waterproof coating on the raincoat fabric to make them somewhat effective against rain showers. But the waterproof layer can only handle light or moderate rain showers and rainwater may start to leak inside if you move around wearing a water-resistant raincoat in storms or heavy rainfall. The plus points of water-resistant raincoats are that they are lightweight and cheaper than other varieties.

Waterproof raincoats are more effective at giving protection from rainfall than water-resistant ones. They are either made using multiple fabric layers, with a waterproof layer in between, or using expensive waterproof raincoat fabric. They are more effective in keeping oneself dry from rainfall and also have additional features like seam taping, flaps, underarm air pockets for breathability, etc. These features make it more convenient and comfortable to use waterproof raincoats, and thus, they are expensive because of this.

Know The Difference Between Windbreakers and Rain Jackets

Many people get confused between windbreakers and rain jackets/raincoats. Although both of these items may look similar, you should know the difference between them before getting one. A windcheater is essentially a jacket that has a light, breathable fabric which stops the wind from entering one’s clothes. It is generally used for driving in clear weather conditions as the fabric can only provide little protection against harsh climate.

Rain jackets from the top raincoat manufacturers in Kolkata are used for traveling outdoors as they protect both wind or rain elements. This is the reason they are the preferred option for making men’s and ladies raincoat for scooty driving. Rain jackets are also used by professionals for outdoor sports like skiing, mountaineering, hiking, etc.

Advantages of Layering in Raincoats

When you get a men’s or ladies raincoat for scooty riding, it can be made in three different styles with layering. Here is a basic description of them.

  • 2-layered raincoats: This type of raincoat has two layers, the outer part protects from wind and rain while the inner fabric lining keeps you warm and makes the raincoat breathable. It is the most common type available in the market and is quite cheap because it does not protect much against harsh weather conditions.
  • 2.5-layered raincoats: In this type, the raincoat has an additional laminate layer in between the two layers. This layer is responsible for protecting the outside layer from your sweat and clogging its pores. These types of raincoats are widely popular because they are lightweight and protect against harsh weather conditions.
  • 3-layered raincoats: The most expensive of its kind, three layered raincoats have a waterproof raincoat fabric in between their outer shell and inner layering. It makes them ultra-lightweight, highly breathable, and provides maximum protection against heavy rains or stormy conditions.

Depending upon your needs and budget, you should get a suitable raincoat.

Additional Raincoat Features That You Can Consider

These are some additional features that can make your colored or transparent raincoats more convenient to use

  • Hoods: Having an adjustable hood is essential as it keeps your head dry from the rain. Some raincoats also provide tiny pockets to fold and keep the hoods when not in use.
  • Pockets: Your raincoat should have at least two outer pockets that can help you store accessories. Inner pockets are a bonus find. Also, look for those raincoat options that have flaps in their pockets. It will keep them perfectly safe from rainwater.
  • Vents: A raincoat vent allows the inside air to come out and lets the fresh outside air inside. It maintains air circulation that helps to dry sweat even in rainy weather.

If you are looking to purchase colored or transparent raincoats, these are the features that you should look into beforehand.


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