Popular Designs That Brands Can Use for Their Promotional Umbrellas

Popular Designs That Brands Can Use for Their Promotional Umbrellas

To make an effective brand impression, the use of eye-catching promotional items is important. Out of all the options available in the market, promotional umbrellas are the best choice to go for if your brand wants to do advertising. These items can be made more effective through customizations and printing attractive designs. There are a lot of design varieties available for promotional umbrellas for advertising. Let us take a look at some of the appealing ones.

Try These Attractive Umbrella Designs:

Classic Black Umbrella

Black is one of the most used colors for umbrellas. A black canopy adds a unique charm to any customized fashion umbrella. Apart from giving a classic look, black umbrellas for advertising are also quite useful. Any print that is made onto the black-colored umbrella canopy gets highlighted due to the color contrast. This is why brand experts like to use black color as a background for their promotional umbrella canopy. The black color also absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV) rays from the sun. UV rays are quite harmful as prolonged exposure can cause skin diseases like cancer.

Transparent Bubble Umbrella

A transparent bubble folding umbrella is one of the latest trending designs that you can find out there. Similar to transparent raincoats, the lack of any design makes it a perfect choice for minimalists. Moreover, when you use a transparent promotional umbrella for advertising in the rain, the droplets of water on the transparent canopy make it quite beautiful to look at. Many brands, companies, and businesses consider transparent umbrellas as the best quality umbrella in India for promotions for the following reasons:

  • As it has a transparent canopy and does not usually have prints on it, the costs of manufacturing are reduced.
  • Since there are only a few prints on the transparent canopy, the brand logo and name will be more eye-catching.
  • Brands do not have to waste time on selecting the color combination, design, or prints for the canopy.

Patio-styled Outdoor Umbrella

Umbrellas are not limited to just personal use. Apart from folding umbrellas, the umbrella brands also manufacture large patio outdoor umbrellas. They come in various sizes and designs depending upon their usage requirements. Some of the varieties are:

  • Beach umbrellas: These outdoor umbrellas are used by families when they visit beaches or parks. Due to its large size, the folding umbrella provides shelter for multiple people. The beach umbrellas have light-colored designs and colors on their canopies, which makes them look quite attractive in a crowd.
  • Garden umbrellas: Garden umbrellas are also known as patio umbrellas. They can be fixed permanently to a place and are mostly used in places where people relax, like near swimming pools and gardens. Due to the unique structure and large size, garden umbrellas also qualify as effective promotional tools.
  • Stall umbrellas: For brands, the best way to do marketing is to attract the eyes of a large crowd. Thus, investing in large promotional umbrellas used installs during social gatherings like concerts, seminars, conferences is a good choice. It is the reason brands consider stall umbrellas as the best quality umbrella in India when it comes to achieving advertising goals.

Golf/Sport Umbrellas

Sports umbrellas are specially designed for athletes to protect themselves from the sun and rain. As golf is the only sport that uses them commonly, they are also known as golf umbrellas. These folding umbrellas are larger than standard umbrellas and are designed to protect the golfer and basket. In other outdoor sports, such umbrellas are set up at a side where the players, coaching staff, and other members can rest after play or practice. Apart from sports umbrellas, umbrella brands also manufacture transparent raincoats for the use of sports staff. Such rain gear is less eye-catching and does not cause a distraction to the players.

Windproof Umbrellas

Rather than their appearance, windproof umbrellas are known for their functionality. These umbrellas are reinforced using extra-strong materials and have a double-layered cover. The reinforcement and double layer covering prevent windproof umbrellas from capitulating or getting blown away during storms. They also come in large-sized that can provide shelter for multiple people.

These are some of the popular designs that brands can choose from while ordering umbrellas from advertising. Each design has its strong points and the brands can select that promotional umbrella design that meets their requirements.


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