Promotional umbrellas can be used to accessorize any outfit

Promotional Umbrellas Can be Used to Accessorize Any Outfit!

Apart from normal usage, promotional umbrellas also find space in our wardrobes as a fashion accessory. Their build, design, appearance, and structure can complement different types of outfits and dress-ups. Many people like to get promotional printed umbrellas from the best umbrella brand that can protect them from harsh weather conditions as well as make them look stylish. Even in the fashion and beauty industry, you will find models and artists using different types of fashion umbrellas in their work. Thus, if you are looking to be fashionable, trying out the following outfit trends along with a promotional folded umbrella is a good choice.

Here are 4 Umbrella-outfit Combinations for Each Season

  • Winter look: India is known for its unpredictable rainfall and many parts of the country receive rain showers even in the winter season. People have to ensure that they remain dry and warm in the winter season to prevent themselves from becoming ill. In such cloudy conditions, wearing a light-colored outfit will make you stand out from the crowd. Use a promotional umbrella with a light-colored canopy while traveling in this weather. Apart from getting this product from the best umbrella brand, you can also get bright-colored scarves or beanie caps to protect your head. Match it with a blazer-type jacket that can cover your body till the hips and keep it warm. Going for lighter shades like pink, sky blue, or bright colors like yellow, violet, etc. These will make you stand apart in the crowd.
  • Summer look: Even the summer season warrants the use of a good quality folded umbrella. The main purpose here is to protect one’s skin from the high heat and ultraviolet (UV) radiation present in the sunlight as they can easily cause sunburns on exposure. Get a dark-colored umbrella from the best umbrella brand for the summer season as they are more efficient in absorbing heat and UV rays. You can pair it up with a lightweight and striped cotton t-shirt that will evaporate your body sweat easily. Pair it up with blue jeans and comfortable dark-colored sneakers or stilettos, for men and women respectively. You should buy from the best umbrella brand in India that can provide you with high-quality umbrellas that have UV filter layers on them. It will keep you safe from these harmful radiations when you travel during the summer season.
  • Monsoon look: India is known for its long monsoon season during which unpredictable, heavy rainfall showers become a common phenomenon. To travel in this weather, you need to ensure that your body remains completely dry. Get a large see-through umbrella from the best umbrella brand in India. The water droplets on the canopy give it a more mesmerizing look than that of regularly printed umbrellas. While the umbrella can protect your upper body, you should also get a pair of long rubber boots to protect your feet from getting wet. You can find various options from stores selling rain gear items. Both of these items can complement any type of outfit. People generally wear clothes that can be dried easily so that there is no problem even if they get wet accidentally. To meet the high demand for such transparent folded umbrellas, brands can order them in bulk quantities. It will allow them to get umbrellas at wholesale prices in India.
  • Spring look: While the spring season weather accompanies clear skies, the temperature can vary depending upon the place where you live. Hilly regions will still have cold winds blowing while the coastal areas will be warmer during this time. Even if there is little chance of rain, you should carry a classic black umbrella that goes along with any type of outfit. Whether you are wearing the jacket-jeans-sneaker combo or the t-shirt-chinos-slippers combo, for cool and warm weather respectively, the black umbrella can complement any dress combination. Women can also go for a bright color one-piece dress or one with multiple pattern designs while using a black or any dark-colored umbrella. As the weather resembles joy and people are more cheerful, it is the best season for brands and businesses to hand out good quality printed umbrellas to people. Brands can get umbrellas at wholesale prices in India if they order them in bulk quantities. Thus, it will be a cost-effective solution to create a positive impression of the brand among the people.

These were the four different umbrella-outfit combinations that you can try out for each season. Depending upon your preferences, you can choose different colors, designs, and themes to wear while carrying an umbrella.


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