Promotional Umbrellas India for Coronavirus Awareness

Promotional Umbrellas India for Coronavirus Awareness

Coronavirus or the notorious COVID-19 virus is synonymous to the plague that devoured the earth long ago. This virus is spreading like wildfire with all the major countries of the world affected by it. The only remedy seems to be home quarantine.

Though the symptoms of the coronavirus are sore throat, cough and difficulty in breathing, accompanied with a fever that goes on and off, which clearly cannot be particularly distinguished from the common cold and fever, the former proves to be fatal.

The Covid-19 virus seems to be behind the novel coronavirus, and it has taken a wrong turn lately. With all the prominent countries badly hit by the virus, humanity is at risk if we do not quarantine ourselves.

How does it spread?

The coronavirus cases have been climbing high globally for the last two months. Among 5,32,263 total cases reported around the world at present, the new virus reports about 24, 090 casualties. Therefore, we all need to be aware of the dangerous virus to stay safe and keep others out of risks, especially the older people, pregnant women and babies.

Contact with the infected person through their touch, through the air they breathe, or through the exchange of bodily fluids seems to be the primary causes of the spread of the virus. Maintenance of distance (at least 1 metre) is a practical solution to prevent yourself from contracting the infection in case you are out from your house for any emergency    

Many countries have already taken numerous initiatives all across the world. Moreover, the Indian government also announced a countrywide lockdown recently to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

How can it be controlled?

However, a significant number of people are still unaware and even negligent of the emergency that the world has declared and are again taking the situation lightly. Therefore, it is time that we all join the global fight against the pandemic. Apart from the rules and regulations imposed by the government, leaflets, banners, custom printed promotional umbrellas, and digital promotion can prove to be effective in this time of crisis. Besides, they will also help in boosting your brand awareness, not letting it slip out of the focus of your customers.

The umbrellas have always been regarded as one of the best marketing agents. Besides, they can also serve as excellent tools for managing the promotional crisis if you rely on them. So, order your set of promotional umbrellas in bulk India to get rid of all your advertising woes.

Some other easy ways and practices you can follow to remain safe are:

  1. Always cover your nose and mouth with surgical masks or the specialized N95 masks.
  2. Continuously sanitize your palms with sanitizer at periodic intervals if you go outside. Even if you remain indoors, never forget to wash your hands with handwash at periodic intervals and make sure your rub your hands for 20 seconds at least.
  3. Keep yourself away from outsiders.
  4. Steer clear of unclean places and things.
  5. Do not outsiders enter your house without mask.
  6. Wear surgical gloves if you happen to be outdoors or on duty.
  7. Maintain a distance of 1 metre at least from every other individual.
  8. Do not join people to form crowds. You never know who is infected.
  9. Observe self-isolation for a minimum of 14 days. 


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