Rain Jackets and Other Essential Items Needed for a Hiking Trip

Rain Jackets and Other Essential Items Needed for a Hiking Trip

Hiking is a good way to explore the natural habitats of various places. If you are planning to go on such a trip, you need to prepare properly in case you suffer the wrath of a hostile climate. In such conditions, your hiking clothes and gear will protect you from such weather. You will have to check that you carry enough rain gear items in your backpack. You can shop for the best raincoat in India along with other essential gears from the leading brands.

But also make sure that your backpack does not become too heavy to affect your hiking. Let us look at some of the essentials that you need to have while going out for a long hiking trip.

Hiking Trip Essentials:

Rain Jacket

India is a tropical country and we receive unpredictable rainfall at any time of the year. It is important to be prepared for protection against rainfall when you go out for a hiking trip. Once you become wet, your clothes and luggage will become heavier due to the absorbed moisture. Thus, you need to have the best raincoat in India for hiking that can cover your body and protect you from getting wet. Such a high-quality rain jacket will save you from cold shivers and potential blisters. If you invest in them, you can cut back on carrying some additional rain gear. It will help to lower your baggage weight.

Here are some things to consider while selecting the best raincoat in India:

  • The best rain jackets for hiking should be made of waterproof (and not just water-resistant) fabric. Some examples are Gore-Tex, TyVent, etc. These fabrics are breathable and packable, making the rain jacket more comfortable to wear and carry.
  • The seam and zipper taping is necessary to ensure that the raincoat is fully waterproofed.
  • The hood is crucial as it keeps the head dry from the rain. You should select a raincoat that has an adjustable hood for rain cover.
  • The rain jackets made by the best umbrella brands in India must also have vents if you are choosing them for your hiking. Underarm zips and mesh torso pockets will make the rain jacket more breathable.

Gloves and Boots

If you are going for a hiking trip in an area with warmer weather, you may not need gloves. But if there is a possibility of rain, and your skin is directly exposed, it will get cold quite fast. In colder regions, hiking without gloves can be harmful. The lower temperatures and wet conditions can cause damage to your hands. You should choose gloves manufactured by the best umbrella brands in India that are made using quick-drying material.

Apart from gloves, selecting the proper hiking boot is also important. You need to keep your feet dry, especially if you are hiking in the rain. Wet feet and constant movement will cause blisters and skin damage. High-top boots work extremely well in wet conditions because they cover up more area and provide some added protection from your pant legs.


Many people skip on gaiters while preparing for their hiking trip. It is an important piece of rain gear that you should add to your shopping list. You can find these products at shops selling rain protective gear like ladies raincoats for scooty riding, etc. These gaiters just need to be snapped over the leggings or pants and it can prevent water and mud from entering your shoes. These gaiters close the gap between pants and your footwear during the hike. They will be an extra layer that helps your socks and feet stay dry.

Rain Cover

Your hiking trip may get spoiled if your luggage and backpack become wet from the rain. Nowadays, most backpacks are either water-resistant or come with an additional rain cover. But if the zippers of the bags are not taped, then they are not fully waterproof. You should get rain covers from shops selling special rain protective gears like ladies raincoats for scooty riding, etc. The rain cover can be stored in an exterior pocket and can be unfurled to be put on when it starts to rain.

Apart from rain jackets, these are some of the essential gears that you need to carry while going on a hiking trip. Being prepared with so much rain protective gear will keep you dry in case it starts raining heavily. Thus, you will not be forced to end your hiking trip prematurely.


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