Raincoat Designs Worth Exploring Before You Buy The Best One

Raincoat Designs Worth Exploring Before You Buy The Best One

Raincoats are one of the most effective clothing wear that keeps us protected from rainfall. You can get different types of raincoats depending on your needs and budget. From high-quality breathable rain jackets to cost-effective water-resistant raincoats, there are various types available in the market. When you are looking for the best quality raincoat, apart from its build, you should also explore different designs before selecting the final one. Here are a few design types that you can look out for.

These Are Some of The Most Trending Raincoat Designs Available:

  • Hooded rain jacket with zippers: This is one of the most common designs adopted while making a raincoat. In this type, there is a large adjustable hood that can cover the entire head perfectly. The raincoat is closed using a large zipper in the middle. Even the pockets sometimes have zippers to ensure that the accessories inside them do not fall off. The raincoat is lightweight and easily protects your body and accessories from rainwater. Some consider them the best quality raincoat within the lower price range as these are suitable to wear while driving and prevent the strong winds from entering inside your clothes.
  • Raincoats with flaps and adjustable sleeves: These types of raincoats are a slightly more advanced or modified version of the previous one. It has all the qualities mentioned in the previous raincoat along with flaps on the main zipper and pockets. This prevents rainwater from leaking inside the raincoat during storms and heavy rains. The wrist cuffs are also adjustable to lock any rainwater from entering through here. Most of these raincoats also have a double-layered fabric which makes them suitable for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. These can be considered the best quality raincoat in the mid-range of the raincoat price spectrum.
  • Long waterproof raincoats: This raincoat design is selected by those people who have to walk during rains. This style is most prevalent in urban areas, especially among school-going children. The raincoat has a hood to cover the head and is quite wide so that one can wear the raincoat over even while carrying a bag on their shoulders. The bottom of the raincoat is long and extends slightly beyond the knees of the user. Thus there is no need for separate raincoat pants to wear with this. This type is also considered an ideal ladies raincoat for scooty driving. Apart from colored varieties, it also comes in transparent or translucent complexions with a slight tinge of bright colors.
  • Poncho raincoats: This is another raincoat with a simple design. This design can be considered a simple version of the long waterproof raincoats as it does not have a build for the arms. This raincoat design consists of a hood for the head along with a conical waterproof or water-resistant fabric that hangs down one’s shoulders. The length of the poncho raincoat may vary, with some covering up to the hip while others reaching beyond the knees. Similar to the long waterproof raincoats, the poncho style is quite wide and can be worn over when one is carrying a bag. Poncho raincoats are perfect as a ladies raincoat for scooty riding or walking in the rain. But moving your arms continuously is difficult if you are wearing a poncho raincoat in the rain.
  • Trench coats: These are some of the earliest raincoat designs and were mostly popularized and used by the military during the world wars. Later, it became popular among people who liked the heavy-duty and militaristic looks. The latest varieties even have a transparent raincoat version. Trench coats are generally long with the longest reaching up to the ankles while the shortest covering till the hips. Trench coats have multiple front buttons, wide lapels, storm flaps, and buttons on their pockets. It also has a belt on the waist along with straps around the wrists to tighten the trench coat to the body.

These are some of the most popular raincoat designs that are available on the market. If you are shopping for either transparent raincoats or colored ones, select from these design types and you will be protected from rains along with looking fashionable.


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