Raincoat Related Tips That Will Make Your Outdoor Hiking Easier

Raincoat Related Tips That Will Make Your Outdoor Hiking Easier

For people who are stuck in their mundane work life for a long period, going outside for hiking is a refreshing activity. Apart from providing a much-needed break, it also allows them to explore new places and gain new experiences. Thus you must take your time off and go for outdoor hiking activities.

To prepare for this journey, you need to pack various important things as well as get essential supplies to enjoy the hiking trip. You can get waterproof items from the leading raincoat manufacturers in Kolkata while other essential things like camping gear, portable stoves, burners, rain boots, etc can be bought from the outdoor gear stores. You should get a good quality raincoat for your outdoor hiking trip that can keep you protected without becoming an inconvenience. Here are a few tips that can help you with this.

Follow These Tips While Shopping for Raincoats and Other Waterproof Gear:

  • Inspect the fabric you will be wearing during the trip: Apart from getting waterproof rain jackets from the leading raincoat manufacturers in Kolkata that can prevent you from getting wet, you should also focus on the inner fabric material that you will be wearing during the outdoor hiking trip. Do not take any cotton clothes with you, especially if you are wearing multiple layers of clothing during the hiking trip. Cotton can become heavy and sticks to the skin when it becomes wet. If you wear wet cotton clothes under your raincoats and hiking pants for a long period and move around a lot, there is a high chance that you will get blisters from the friction between the wet cotton cloth and your skin.
  • Opt for raincoats made from breathable waterproof fabrics: Outdoor hiking is an intensive task where you need to travel and move your body a lot. Your body can easily get sweaty from outdoor workouts. Thus, you must invest in a good quality raincoat and rain pants from the top raincoat manufacturers in India that are made from breathable and waterproof fabric. These are more suitable for the outdoor environment, unlike transparent raincoats that are suitable for cities where you do not need to walk a lot. A raincoat made from this type of fabric will help in the evaporation of your body moisture and keep your body cool during the hike.
  • Get water-resistant gloves and waterproof shoes: While raincoats and rain pants can protect your body and limbs, you should also get some good quality water-resistant gloves and waterproof shoes for your hands and feet respectively. The above items can cover up the mentioned body parts and protect them from getting wet. These gloves and shoes are also specially made for traveling in the rain. Thus, by wearing and using these, you can find a better grip on wet surfaces. The gloves also have wrist straps that prevent the rainwater from leaking inside. These can be found at stores specialized in selling raingear items like transparent raincoats, rain jackets, hiking pants, etc.
  • Get additional waterproof bags for packing the dry and wet clothes separately: When you do raingear shopping at the best umbrella brand in India, you should also buy some additional waterproof bags for storing things. You can use them to keep your clothes and other accessories dry. In case something becomes wet after use, you can keep them inside the additional waterproof bag. This will prevent contact between your wet and dry clothes and other accessories. You should also carry some disposable waterproof bags for storing the waste during the outdoor hiking trip. Do not litter the outside environment by dumping everything there.
  • Get raingear that comes with additional helpful features: While normal raingear can be found at any store, you need to buy those items which are suitable for outdoor hiking from the best umbrella brand in India. Ensure that they come with additional helpful features like tapes on seams, flaps on zips, and pockets that make them more waterproof. You can also look for those raincoats that come with underarm vents. These allow the hot air near the body to come out while letting the cool air go inside. This allows better air circulation inside the raincoat and helps to evaporate the body sweat.

These are some helpful features that you need to look out for while shopping for rain gear and other essential items for the outdoor hiking trip.


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