Raincoats and other clothing items required for hiking in summer

There is nothing like pursuing fun outdoor activities and if you are willing to push the envelope a bit then hiking might be the perfect activity for you. If you are into hiking and enjoy exploring those rugged terrains frequently then you might be planning a trip now. However, hiking means you need to be prepared with the right kind of gear and clothing that would be comfortable. Not having the right kind of clothing might put you into an uncomfortable position. So, it is better to start making a list and taking the right preparations, and also include the best raincoat in India. If you are already a pro then you won’t have any problem packing because you already know what to take and what to leave. On the other hand if you are just starting out into the world of hiking then you must consider learning about the items you would need.

Which clothing items do you need for hiking in summer?


The list could be extensive but the items that you pick should never be random. Before you pick the items you need to keep certain pointers in mind. 

  • Always choose items that are the most comfortable. It is the summer time and you will be hiking which means there would be exertion so choose clothes that would be utterly comfortable for you. You have to keep the location in mind and the kind of temperature that you might have to withstand. On the basis of that you should be choosing the items, also check for the possibility of rain and pack transparent raincoats.

  • During hiking you would be carrying the items in your backpack, you certainly do not want to hike with a heavy load on your back. You would find it hard to cope with the load and the journey would be uncomfortable, so instead of carrying heavy load it is ideal for you to resort to clothing with layers that are easy to carry and use. The same rule should be followed while getting raincoats, choose lightweight ones from the best raincoat brands in India.

  • Do not ape someone else’s style, it would be a mistake. A particular style of clothing might work for someone but it won’t work for you at all. So, find out what you are comfortable in. From your clothing to shoes to backpacks only choose those items that make you feel comfortable.

  • You should consider dressing in layers as this will help you cope with changing temperature, if you wear something heavy then you would find it hard to carry, instead you should carry layers which could be adjusted according to the weather.
  • Now that we are clear about the kind of pointers we need to keep in mind before go shopping for the hiking clothes, and the best raincoat in India, we will find it easier to deal with. Be ready to learn about the items you need the most.

    Choose the right innerwear: You have to remember that the innerwear is an important element that you should not ignore. The innerwear should not be cotton, because as you continue to sweat the innerwear would stick to your skin. Choose materials that prevent that.

    Comfortable shirts: It is best to wear shirts that are light and also will keep the sweat away thereby letting you be comfortable. Depending upon where you would be going the clothing items need to be weather appropriate.

    Raincoats: There is no need to stress that you should be carrying raincoats with you all the time. Since you would be hiking in the summer, there would always be a chance of rains so have some transparent raincoats. It is always good to be prepared. In the middle of your hike if it starts pouring down then you would need your raincoat the most.

    Comfortable shorts: Since it is the summer time and you will be hiking it is best to turn to shorts when it comes to choosing bottom wear for your hiking. You just have to understand that the bottom wear that you pick should help you move along without any hassle, and must be comfortable and will also protect you.  Do not wear denim. You should also pay attention to the right length of your raincoat and choose a length that is comfortable, explore the collection offered by the best raincoat brands in India and choose the right one.

    Socks: You must have comfortable pair of socks which would enable you to keep the sweat away. Avoiding cotton for all sorts of hiking wear would be a smart idea. You certainly do not want to feel uncomfortable with sweaty socks and you go on a hike.

    Shoes: Wear shoes that are comfortable and have good grip, furthermore these should be waterproof as well, while picking the shoes you should also keep the safety in mind as well.

    The above mentioned clothing items are a must for your hiking trip in the summer, you should definitely include the best raincoat in India to ensure you are staying protected during the trip.


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