The following raincoat attributes will keep you protected in storms

The Following Raincoat Attributes Will Keep You Protected in Storms

If you explore the market for rainwear, you will find different raincoats available here. From raincoat ponchos, trench coats, transparent raincoats, rain jackets, and other varieties, you can choose the raincoat option that is most suitable for your needs. The leak-proof level of a raincoat gets tested in harsh weather conditions like storms. Thus, if you are looking to buy a raincoat that can protect you during storms or hurricanes, here are the features that you should look out for.

Look Out for These Raincoat Features to Stay Protected During Storms:

  • Get a raincoat that is made from breathable and waterproof fabric: During storms, the high wind pressure and heavy rainfalls are quite difficult to handle with regular rainwear gear like umbrellas or thin transparent raincoats. But if you choose to invest in a good quality raincoat that is made from durable water-repellant fabrics, you will be guaranteed to be protected from the rain. Moving around in storms can be a difficult task that can make you exhausted and sweaty. For this, you can opt for a raincoat that is made from artificial fibers having a breathable property. This feature allows air circulation and will help in drying off sweat from your body.
  • Check the weight of the raincoat before purchasing: Traveling in stormy conditions is a burdensome task. If you wear heavy waterproof rainwear to protect yourself, the additional weight can make your movements more stiff and tiring. Thus always check the weight of the raincoat by wearing it on your body. This will give you a sense of how comfortable you will be while moving around with it. Most transparent raincoats, hardshell jackets, and other raincoat varieties become heavier when they get wet from rainfall. After usage, you may also need to pack, store and carry the raincoat in a bag. These points should be taken into account before purchasing a raincoat for stormy weather.
  • Ensure that the raincoat has water-tight openings: When you buy a raincoat from the best raincoat brands in India, you will find additional layering that makes them more waterproof and effective. The seams of the raincoat have a layer of waterproof tape applied to them. This makes them leak-proof even if the stitches on the seams become loose. The wrists of the raincoat arms are also provided with an elastic Velcro strap that can prevent rainwater from entering through here. Flaps on zippers and pockets are also a good feature to have as it prevents them from coming in contact with any rainwater. This in turn keeps the inside dry.
  • In stormy conditions, a bright color will make you visible to others: During storms or hurricanes, the dark overcast conditions, strong winds, and heavy rains reduce the visibility of the surroundings by a lot. People can only recognize objects within a few meters of them. By opting to buy a bright-colored raincoat from the best raincoat brands in India, you are thus increasing your survival chance during storms. People can easily notice your silhouette from a further distance because of the bright-colored raincoat you are wearing. You can readily get help if you get stuck somewhere as the storm rages on.
  • Some extra accessories that will make your storm-proof raincoat more functional: While exploring the products of the rainwear manufacturers, you will find many raincoats and umbrellas at wholesale prices in India. Apart from the price point, you should also look out for the following accessories that can make your raincoat more comfortable to wear and use.
    1. Adjustable hoods and hems: The hood is a crucial part of a waterproof raincoat as it covers and protects our head from rainwater while also preventing it from entering inside the raincoat. Thus making it adjustable will allow it to cover the head properly. Similarly, the hem of the raincoat should also have an elastic band that can fit across the waist perfectly while also making it leak-proof.
    2. Armpit vents: Even if you buy a raincoat made with breathable fabric, the inside can still get sweaty when you do strenuous activities during stormy conditions. This is why you should look for those raincoats that have armpit vents on them. These can allow inside stuffy air to come outside while letting the outside cool air get in and cool down the sweat.

While exploring raincoat varieties like transparent raincoats, you should look for some essential features that make them suitable to be worn in storms as well.


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