These features make a raincoat the best protective gear for the rain

These Features Make a Raincoat the Best Protective Gear for the Rain

Nowadays, raincoats form an essential part of the wardrobe collection. As the climate is highly unpredictable in our country, everyone keeps rain jackets which are taken out during rains. There are a variety of raincoats available on the market. You can find stylish ones suitable for fashionistas or even minimalistic rain jackets. If you want to find the best raincoat for men or other members of the family, there are many key factors that you need to consider that suit your needs and lifestyle. Here are the features you should look out for in your raincoat.

The Choice Between Water-resistant and Waterproof Raincoats

Water-resistant raincoats refer to those products which have a lower level of protection from rainfall. Water-resistant fabric can withstand a drizzle but a long period in the rain will allow leaking. Most water-resistant rain jackets have a coating of DWR (durable water repellent) which is not permanent and may need to be re-applied to make the raincoat last longer.

A waterproof raincoat is made using special fabrics like Gore-Tex, etc. These fabrics are lab-tested and can easily withhold against heavy rainfall. These types of raincoats are quite expensive when compared to the water-resistant variety. Still, they are considered one of the best raincoat for men and others.

Breathable Raincoats

While wearing a raincoat, it can get quite hot and stuffy inside if you if it is not made from a breathable material. This can pose huge problems especially if someone is physically working while wearing a raincoat. Thus, the breathability of material is an important factor to count on when choosing raincoats. Opt for a good quality breathable raincoat that will make it easier for you to travel or work in it. You can even buy special ladies raincoat for scooty or the best raincoats for men that are made using breathable fabrics. Your investment in such products will be worth it.

Versatile Uses of the Raincoat

When people buy raincoats, they expect them to perform well in various conditions. There are also specialized ones like ladies raincoat for scooty riding, and others. You should select a raincoat which suits your lifestyle and needs. Getting a bland, cheap, and all-purpose raincoat will not last for a long time. Moreover, the user experience of such a raincoat will also not be good. If you have a semi-active lifestyle, you might only need a raincoat that you will wear to the office or market. If you lead a more active, outdoor lifestyle, you need to have a suitable raincoat for your outdoor escapades and travel trips.

There are various types of raincoats available that can suit the different levels of activities that you wish to perform. Explore all the options carefully before ordering or purchasing one for yourself.

Additional Features That Your Raincoat Should Have

Whether you buy transparent raincoats or regular stylish ones, you need to also lookout for the following additional features in your raincoat.

  • A hood is the most important of all since it is used to cover the head of the wearer. Make sure it fits properly and does not fall off when you turn your head. Having laces that can help to tighten up the hood is a good choice. Also, check if the raincoat can be zipped or buttoned up until your chin and there are straps to tighten the hood preventing water from reaching your collar.
  • Pockets also play a key role as it keeps our belongings dry during rainfall. We also use them to cover our hands and keep them warm. Check if the pockets have a zipper or an additional flap. You can also look for an inside pocket.
  • Get a raincoat that can cover the length of your body and also has the right fit. Having shorter transparent raincoats will not cover enough of your body during rainfalls. On the other hand, a too-long raincoat can restrict your movements while doing activities like riding a bike or doing chores. Look for a design that is longer on the back than front. This way the coverage, your body will find maximum coverage.

These are the features that one needs to look out for while exploring raincoat options.


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