Things That You Should Know Before Purchasing a Raincoat

Things That You Should Know Before Purchasing a Raincoat

Traveling in tropical countries like India during the rainy season can be difficult because the weather can change within minutes. The sunny climate can turn into dark clouds resulting in heavy rainfall. Thus, you must always carry a raincoat with you whenever you go outside your house. While looking for the best raincoat in India, you should know some things that can help you to find one that is suitable for you. Let us check them out in detail.

These Are the Things That You Should Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Raincoat:

  • The size of the raincoat: The first thing that you should check is the size of the raincoat. You should never buy a raincoat that is either too tight or too loose for your body. A tight raincoat inhibits your movement and sticks to your body the entire time. This makes it tough for you to move around in it while also making you feel extremely uncomfortable. On the other hand, a large raincoat will not fit on your body. It will hang on the body leaving gaps at various places. Rainwater can leak inside through these gaps. Thus, whenever you are looking for the best raincoat in India, choose that raincoat that fits your size while still giving enough room for seamless body movement.
  • The fabric used to make the raincoat: Most raincoats are made from either water-resistant or waterproof fabrics. The fabric that has a layer of waterproof substance applied to it to make it water-repelling is called water-resistant fabric. Some fabrics are hydrophobic and they are closely knit for making raincoats. This type is called waterproof fabric. The former is used mostly in cheaper or mid-range raincoats. The water-resistant fabric can easily protect against light to moderate rainfall and is perfect for use in urban areas. In case of rough usage or heavy rainfall, the layer deteriorates leading to the leakage of rainwater inside the raincoat. Most of the best raincoats in India are made from waterproof fabric. These are expensive but are effective even in heavy downpours because of the hydrophobic property of the fabric.
  • The weight of the raincoat: People use raincoats when they are traveling outside their homes. It can be a short distance like commuting to your workplace or a long journey like going on a hiking trip. In both cases, the weight of the raincoat plays a crucial role. When you are choosing ladies raincoats for scooty riding or regular raincoats, check if their weight is light for you. Since you will be wearing it regularly, a heavier raincoat will become a burden for you while traveling. A higher weight also makes it challenging to carry around the raincoat. Thus always choose a raincoat that is light in comparison to your body weight.
  • Additional features provided in the raincoat: Your raincoat can become more functional and convenient to wear if you have the following additional features in it.
    1) Vents: Vents are provided so that they can allow the stale air trapped inside the raincoat to come out and letting the fresh air go inside and cool the body. This helps to cool the body and remove sweat in humid rainy conditions. Vents are generally provided under armpits or inside pockets. When you select ladies raincoat for scooty riding or rain jackets for hiking and mountaineering, go for those options which have vents in them.
    2) Taping or flaps on seams and pockets: Every raincoat has pockets and seams in them. But during heavy rainfall, there is a high chance that rainwater can get inside the raincoat from these locations. Thus ask the Orange Umbrella Kolkata to show you those products that have tapes on seams and flaps around pockets. These additions make the raincoat more waterproof.
  • The cost of the raincoat: You should also check the prices of the different varieties of raincoats before purchasing them. Depending upon your requirements, you may need to get an expensive or a cheap one for yourself. Raincoats made from waterproof and breathable fabric are highly priced and are mostly used for intensive outdoor activities like hiking. On the other hand, regular raincoats are cheaper because they are made from water-resistant fabric and these are suitable for commuting around in the city. You should buy that raincoat from Orange Umbrella Kolkata which suits your needs the best.

These are some of the points you need to keep in mind before purchasing a raincoat.


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