Travel Across the City Using These Promotional Umbrellas in the Rains

Travel Across the City Using These Promotional Umbrellas in the Rains

We are in the middle of winter and there are still instances of cloudy weather and drizzle in the country. To protect ourselves, it is imperative to carry a good quality umbrella whenever we travel outside the house. Brands can cater to this demand by investing in different types manufactured by the best umbrella brand in their area. Promotional umbrellas are a good advertising strategy that brands can use to raise their awareness. Especially in this weather, people would prefer getting promotional umbrellas while traveling across their city in the rain.

There is a wide range of models and designs for promotional umbrellas that you can find at the umbrella manufacturers in your area. By exploring the various options, brands can then select the ones that suit their requirements. Here are some of the types of promotional umbrellas that brands can look out for.

Regular Promotional Umbrellas

This type of umbrella from the best umbrella brand is slightly larger than the regular ones available on the market. A promotional umbrella’s appearance can be customized to suit the brand’s needs. Its size can easily protect multiple people under its canopy. The prints on these advertising umbrellas can become a head-turner at any public place. Umbrella manufacturers in India make these umbrellas with good quality materials that make the product durable. It helps the umbrella to stay strong even under strong winds and heavy rainfall.

Sports Promotional Umbrellas

Brands can also invest in sports-related promotional umbrellas that are used for outdoor sporting events. They are printed with bright colors and eye-catching patterns that can attract the audience’s attention anyplace. These umbrellas are generally used by the players or the team staff during matches. Thus investing in these products from the best umbrella brand proves to be helpful for both the advertising brand and user audience. Following this marketing strategy will help brands to reach out to a much larger audience through public advertising.

Foldable Promotional Umbrellas

This type of design has become the mainstream nowadays. All the umbrella manufacturers India produce folding promotional umbrellas when ordered by the brands. The advantage of such umbrellas is that they are easier to use, store, and carry even in a small bag.  A folding umbrella can even fit in a purse or handbag if you go for a mini-sized one that is suitable for the use of one person. Thus brands can order folding umbrellas from their umbrella supplier if they wish to target that audience who travel a lot and need a good-quality umbrella.

Inverted Promotional Umbrella

This is also an emerging design that has become popular among the masses. The umbrella manufacturer India also has designs for inverted promotional umbrellas in its catalog. The construction of this type of umbrella is similar to the regular ones. The only difference is in its closing and opening mechanism.

While regular bulk umbrellas are closed inwards, an inverted umbrella is closed outwards. This proves to be useful especially after being used in rainy weather. This closing mechanism traps the water droplets on the canopy and prevents them from dripping on the surface. You can safely keep the inverted promotional umbrella from the umbrella manufacturers in India at one corner to dry off before packing it up for further use.

Windproof Umbrellas

In some areas of our country, the high wind speeds pose more problems than the rain. In such stormy weather conditions, regular umbrellas will not work as they will capitulate under wind pressure. If brands want to do promotions in these areas, they can contact the top umbrella brands in India to order windproof umbrellas.

A windproof umbrella has vents in its canopy that allow air to flow out and prevents the development of uneven pressure. This keeps the umbrella safe in windy weather. A windproof umbrella gets its tag only after being lab-tested to ensure its quality. Thus investing in windproof promotional umbrellas can be costlier. Even then, brands can order bulk umbrellas or reach out to top local umbrella suppliers to avail them at discounted prices. The favorable impression that a windproof promotional umbrella will bring to the brand’s image will be worth the investment.

These are some types that can be ordered from the top umbrella brands in India. Explore all the available options before investing in the choice that suits you.


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