Umbrella and Etiquette Goes Hand in Hand

Umbrella and Etiquette Goes Hand in Hand

Rainy days, cloudy skies, wet landscapes, dripping bodies, damp roads and pavements, are some of the usual sights of the monsoon. One can easily relate to it even if he/she remains nailed shut most of their lives. They might be tossing in excitement with the very mention of the rains. However, when it comes to the regular office-goers, it is a challenging scenario but thankfully; our umbrellas had been doing their jobs remarkably well!

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Let Umbrellas Be the Yardstick of Civility!

With water dripping from the skies, porches, alcoves and umbrellas, it certainly becomes messy all around. Therefore, one must extremely carefully with their umbrellas outside. It is true that people judge you on your conduct with an umbrella. Besides, it is also essential to keep things decent in gloomy days.

Umbrella etiquettes are nothing new but if you miss out on any of them, you might have to go through a dozen of innuendos and a half a dozen scowls. But, you can easily elude them all by following the points mentioned below. So, let’s have a quick glance at them now.

A Set of Umbrella Etiquettes

Though umbrella etiquettes might sound tough, they aren’t much of a challenge. So, here is a handful of them you can follow:

  • Choosing an appropriately sized umbrella is very important to keep things in order. A bigger or smaller umbrella might get you in trouble for sure.
  • Raise or lower your umbrella for the safety of your accessory and the others around you.
  • Tilt your umbrella when necessary while you walk down the streets.
  • Closing an umbrella indoors is a must. Your umbrellas are ought to be wet if not drenching, so care for closing your umbrellas and putting them in a plastic or the place reserved for keeping umbrellas in the hall of the particular place.
  • Keep the pointed end of the umbrella your side to avoid any accidents.





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