Here are some unusual ideas for using your umbrella! Check these out

Here are Some Unusual Ideas for Using Your Umbrella! Check These Out!

Brands use umbrella giveaways as a way to increase their awareness among the mass audience. It is a good way of advertising as promotional umbrellas are among the most popular promo items for any occasion. They are also one of the longest-used promotional products. Thus, there is always a high demand for good-quality promotional umbrellas. Studies have shown that each umbrella giveaway generates more than 1,100 impressions on average, which makes them an excellent advertising tool for your brand.

If your brand is thinking about investing in the best quality umbrellas in India, here are some unusual ways in which they can be used aside from simply protecting users from rain or the sun.

These are Some of the Unusual Ways to Use Promotional Umbrellas:

  • Using them as props for photoshoots: While clicking photographs, adding props is necessary as it makes the photos more vibrant. Promotional umbrellas make a picture-perfect addition to any photo shoot, whether it be held indoors or outdoors. Brands can collaborate with local photo artists and then ask the umbrella manufacturers to manufacture the best quality umbrellas in India that can be used in photoshoots. Such customized promotional umbrellas can easily bring life to an otherwise standard photo op for all the customers. Even selfie pictures come out better when the person in the photo uses a nice umbrella.
  • Using them for event decor: Good-quality promotional umbrellas can also be used for decorating purposes. Hence, event planners can use promotional umbrellas that suit the event theme of the conducted event. Every event planner knows that coming up with creative decor ideas instantly can be challenging. By allowing the use of the best quality umbrellas in India for event decorations, brands can boost their brand image as well as the appearance of the event. Mostly bright-colored or retro-themed branded umbrellas are provided for such events. They can be hung from the ceiling, placed on tables, propped in corners, or used in a variety of different ways.
  • Using them as gifts: Although we have discussed the use of umbrellas for event decorations, there is another way to use them when it comes to events or special occasions. Good-quality promotional umbrellas made by the leading umbrella manufacturers in India can be used as gift items. It applies to both private and corporate events. For private events like festival gatherings, a promotional umbrella with an attractive theme and design will be appreciated by everyone. Similarly, for corporate events like conferences, seminars, annual meetings, etc, handing out promotional umbrellas to the attendees is a good way to bolster a sense of trust.
  • Using them as a shade for outdoors: Regular umbrellas are used to protect the user from harsh weather like rain and sun. But for family trips or group vacations, having an outdoor patio-styled promotional umbrella is important. These large umbrellas can be set up at any outdoor location like beaches, parks, etc, and provide shade to multiple people. They can provide shelter from the rain, strong winds, and sun’s radiation as people rest underneath them. Thus, brands can ask the leading umbrella manufacturers in India to create some large outdoor promotional umbrellas that can be used for group activities.
  • Miscellaneous uses: Apart from the regular varieties, the best umbrella brands also develop some new umbrella designs each year to see if they become popular among the masses. Due to this venture, brands can explore the various umbrella designs that can be used to make a unique promotional product. For example, an LED umbrella has a transparent umbrella canopy while there are LED lights attached to the ribs of the umbrella. Thus, by flicking a switch on the handle, all these LED lights can start glowing, which creates a beautiful effect. Such unique umbrellas can be used for group performances like dancing, plays, musicals, etc. Similarly, many countries hold a kite flying festival. Thus, brands can ask the best umbrella brands to create a customized kite umbrella for this event. They can even use discarded materials left from the umbrella manufacturing process and recycle them for this endeavor. Not only will this reduce waste, but it will also provide brands with a new way to promote themselves to the people.

These are some of the unique ways in which promotional umbrellas can be used by people. In some of these cases, regular promotional umbrellas are used creatively, while in others, brands have to place custom orders to the umbrella factory in India. Still, these unusual ways of using promotional umbrellas will also help brands to raise their awareness among the masses.


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