Benefits of buying directly from umbrella manufacturers

What are the benefits of buying directly from umbrella manufacturers?

When it comes to buying umbrellas, there are a lot of options that you can choose from. You can purchase them at retail stores, online websites, and even outlets that sell specialized rain gear items. While these options are suitable for individual or low number purchases, buying in bulk from these places is not an appropriate choice. Many brands and companies get umbrellas in bulk to use them as promotional items in their marketing strategies. In such cases, it is better to reach out to the umbrella brands in India and purchase directly from the manufacturers.

When brands purchase directly from umbrella manufacturers, they eliminate the middlemen who are a part of the distribution and supply chain, the retailers, wholesalers, and other supplier purchase channels. Such a direct purchase method can save the time and expenses of the brands looking for promotional umbrellas. Let us discuss the advantages of directly purchasing promotional umbrellas from the manufacturers in detail.

Benefits of buying directly from umbrella manufacturers:


Lower costs


The cost of products is a major factor that businesses need to address even when they agree to purchase promotional umbrellas from the umbrella brands in India. As the umbrella manufacturers produce promotional umbrellas from scratch, they use a lot of raw materials, such as frames, poles, fiberglass, and fabrics to create their products. If your brand or business orders promotional umbrellas in bulk quantities from the manufacturers, they will be able to produce a large batch of goods together. It will allow them to save time and use up a lower amount of materials. Thus, money is saved when manufacturing promotional umbrellas (or their parts) in bulk.

Moreover, as your business is also directly buying from the leading umbrella brands in India, you are bypassing the members of the supply and distribution chain. Thus, the costs incurred when the products pass through these chains can be removed and your business can buy promotional umbrellas at lower costs.

Customized products for your business


Directly purchasing promotional umbrellas from the best umbrella brand in India can help you get better and customized products. You can ask the umbrella manufacturer to provide feedback regarding your choice of design so that the final promotional umbrella design is more directed toward your business.

The direct dealings between the brand or business and the umbrella manufacturer prevent any communication confusion. Thus, any idea that the brand has regarding a suitable promotional umbrella can be easily conveyed to the team responsible for designs at the manufacturers. Thus, the feedback from the professional umbrella manufacturer is an important benefit here.

Better quality inspection and shipping options


When you directly purchase from the best umbrella brand in India, you skip the general supply chain in this process. Thus, your business has to take care of the last step of the process, which is the product distribution or movement. Even if you order the best quality umbrellas in India for promotional purposes, the effort will be a waste if the products get damaged during transportation. You need to arrange for a third party that can transport the bulk order of promotional umbrellas directly to your company where they can be stored until usage.

You can select a reputed transport and moving company for this job. It will allow you to know the exact happenings in the transit, as well as check the quality of the product, or any shipping address errors for correction. Since your business is directly dealing with the umbrella manufacturer, you need to ensure that you have a warranty on the products that you have ordered. Moreover, it is also important to check for defects and damages before the orders are in transit. Hence, the direct purchase method gives your business total oversight over the packaging and shipping of the ordered best quality umbrellas in India, saving you money and time.

These are the benefits that your brand or business can avail of when they order promotional umbrellas directly from the manufacturers. Rather than having to browse through multiple portals to find a suitable design for your promotional umbrella, you can order customized products directly from the umbrella manufacturers.

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